Petchup Nutritional Condiments Review

Condiments have long been a favorite of humans as a way of livening up foods. Whether its fries, burgers or hot dogs, we all seem to like the addition of various condiments. Now, we have the opportunity to give our beloved four-legged friends the same benefits along with a dose of healthy vitamins and minerals.

With Petchup®, it’s no longer necessary for your dog to live on dry kibble alone. Petchup® was created with the idea of adding delicious flavor to dry food while at the same time providing healthy additions like omega 3, glucosamine, and prebiotics.

Along with being a tasty treat, Petchup® also offers a great way to give your pet their daily medications in order to avoid the torture of trying to stuff a pill down your pet’s throat or the hassle of trying to wrap it in a treat.

 It’s also a great option for pet owners who have trouble getting their pets to finish their meals. Whether your fur baby is a picky eater or simply bored, Petchup Nutritional Condiments can entice your pets to finish all of their food. This can be particularly important for pets who are on medicated veterinary preparations or restricted diets.

The History of Petchup Nutritional Condiments

Based in Colorado, Petchup Nutritional Condiments were created as a way to liven up pet food while simultaneously giving pets the nutrition they need and deserve. Petchup Nutritional Condiments is also committed to helping pets live happier and healthier lives by regularly donating profits, products, and time to local shelters and other organizations.

The Science Behind Riley’s Organics

Petchup® products are produced using only the finest natural food-grade, nutritional ingredients. Basically, Petchup® feels that if we wouldn’t put something in our own mouth, we shouldn’t put it in the mouths of our pets. Petchup® is committed to using a holistic approach when it comes to the nutritional well-being of our pets.

Pets receive great energy through a variety of excellent quality ingredients, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that are added to filtered water. With Petchup Nutritional Condiments, pets benefit from more energy. Pet owners can choose from a variety of different flavors, including:

  • Petchup (beef)
  • Muttstard (salmon)
  • Bark B-Q (pork)
  • Mutt-N-Aise (turkey)
  • Catchup (salmon)
  • Meowstard (turkey)-for cats

As a nutritional supplement, this product does seem to be a good value. As most pet owners, paying for nutritional supplements separately can add up quickly. With Petchup Nutritional Condiments, you receive omega 3, probiotics, and numerous other vitamins and minerals.

At less than $10 a bottle, Petchup gives your pet multiple nutrients all in one bottle. According to the company, their product makes it easy to increase your pet’s daily nutrition without the need to switch to a more expensive dry food.

Petchup Nutritional Condiment Edible Pet Treat (Beef)
  • Highly Recommended! Breaks Kibble Boredom And Adds Variety To Everyday Dry Dog Food. It Can Also Be Used To Complement Wet Dog Food For Small Or Large Dog...
  • Natural, Healthy, Holistic Approach To Food! A Precise Blend Of Vitamins, Minerals And Antioxidants, Helps Prevent Joint Pain And Stiffness (Glucosamine),...

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Petchup Nutritional Condiments are produced in the United States and do not contain any genetically engineered ingredients. Additionally, they are gluten-free, which can be important for pets who may be sensitive to gluten.

They are also low in calories, which is great for pets that may need to diet or who have other health issues that require a low-calorie diet. There are also no artificial colors or flavors used in any of these products.

What Customers Are Saying About Petchup Nutritional Condiments

More than 100 customers have left reviews for Petchup Nutritional Condiments on Amazon. This product has an average rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 stars. Most people comment that their dogs seem to really love this product.

The only drawbacks seem to be that several people have commented that the product has a bad smell and that it tends to give their dogs bad gas. Some people even commented that it affected their dogs’ bowel movements negatively.

 My dogs, three Basset Hounds and a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix all seemed to love these products. I tried the original Petchup, Bark B-Q, Muttstard, and Mutt-N-Aise. Even the Chiweenie, who can be somewhat of a finicky eater, seemed to lap this up and anxiously awaited more.

I didn’t notice any of the products having a particularly bad smell, nor did I notice it giving my dogs bad gas or any adverse bowel movements. Some reviewers who commented that it gave their dogs bad gas mentioned that they only gave it to their pets once a week to limit this particular problem.

I did find these products extremely easy to use. Basically, you just pour it over your pet’s dry food. You could also mix it into your dry food. My dogs all seemed to like it so much that I actually had a hard time getting the product mixed into their food before they started trying to lick the bottle.

In my case, I didn’t need to use it to give my dogs medications, so I’m not sure how well it would have worked for that purpose. It does seem like it would be fairly easy to grind up a pill or tablet in the sauce, however.

My pets are also not on a restricted diet or need to eat special veterinary prepared foods, so I can’t say whether it would have encouraged them to eat a food that they ordinarily wouldn’t like. My dogs did seem to really like all of the flavors I tried; however, so it certainly seems like a valid concept.

Top Takeaways About Petchup Nutritional Condiments

  • Petchup Nutritional Condiments give your pets a quick and easy dose of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.
  • Helps to liven up dry food to make it more exciting for your pet.
  • Produced using only the best quality ingredients.
  • Offers a convenient way to give pets medications without needing to try and force it down their throats or hide it in a treat.

Overall, Petchup Nutritional Condiments seems based on solid nutritional research, which is something that as a concerned pet owner, I really like. I also like the thought that it helps to give my dogs some variety from having to eat the same boring dry kibble every day.

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