About Us

Hey fellow dog lovers,

My name is Mary Nielsen, I am (together with my fiancé Dave) creator of mysweetpuppy.net. Welcome to our little furry corner of the Internet!

Disclaimer – I am not a professional dog trainer, vet, behaviorist… any advice or tips I give on dog training or raising are based on my own experiences and research.

Why did I create this website?

I’ll always remember my first dog, Maggie, it was a female, mix of St Bernard and Bohemian shepherd. She was very sweet, loyal and lovable, but sometimes crazy. Once she jumped over the 6 ft tall fence in order to meet with her male companion. Another time she broke a shed window to chase a neighbor’s cat. My brother even got her once to pull us through our garden on a sled. Those were the times!

Dogs were always the favorite animals in our house, my mother adopted and raised several dogs over my childhood, so I developed an affinity for dogs at early age.

In my teenage years I become more interested in dog training, behavior, health, nutrition etc. Since then I’ve read many books, attended many classes and talked to many experts on the subject.

Despite the vast number of dog relates sites, during my search for info about proper puppy care on web, I couldn’t find all needed info in one place. I wanted to create a single site that would have all the information centralized, in order to make it easier for other new puppy owners to find answers to their questions.

My hope is that any future pet parents adopting a new puppy will find all the information they need on my site! I welcome questions, comments, and new ideas from my readers – please comment!

This website is a work in progress. I have released the site with only some of the content I eventually want to include – there is much more to come! It would be good to have feedback on my content and some interaction with fellow puppy lovers, so please let me know if you have any ideas or questions. Also, starting my site this way helps me feel like I’m accomplishing something, rather than working endlessly until I have everything exactly the way I want it!

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and my ideas behind this site. Stop back now and then to check on the sites progress, to comment on my articles, and leave feedback and suggestions.

I hope you find my site useful and informative and I’d be very interested in your responses!