My Puppy Throws Up Worms

My Puppy Throws Up Worms – What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know About Puppy Worms

The worst has happened – your precious baby has started throwing up thin, spaghetti-like creepy crawlies and you have no idea why it’s happening or what to do about it. Realizing your puppy has worms can be scary for any dog owner. After all, shouldn’t this have been taken care of when your dog was dewormed as a young puppy? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Worms may not be difficult to get rid of initially but they’re difficult to keep away from a susceptible puppy.

Natural Puppy Diarrhea Treatment

Natural Puppy Diarrhea Treatment: 3 Simple Steps

If you’ve had puppies, you’ve certainly come to realize that diarrhea in puppies is not an uncommon thing and the phrase “puppy diarrhea” was probably high on your Google search history. It can be scary to adopt a new puppy and then realize that there might be something wrong. So, how do you know when is diarrhea normal, when is it not, and when is it time to call the vet?


Puppy Deworming Schedule – Procedure, Efficacy, Recovery & Prevention

Unless you’re a pup expert, deworming may be a little bit confusing to you. You may have questions like, why do puppies need to be dewormed? If my puppy’s being dewormed, does that mean that they have worms? Am I going to catch them if they do? Does my puppy have to be dewormed more than once? Well, you’re in luck! We’re going to answer all of the above questions as well as taking you through your puppy’s deworming schedule.

The Best Vaccination Schedule for Puppies - All You Need to Know

The Best Vaccination Schedule for Puppies – All You Need to Know

Before we begin this article, you must know that there is not a single best solution for vaccinating your pup. There are many different views on when is best to vaccinate, and we’re not going to say that any of them are wrong. However, if you are looking for advice on what we consider to be the best vaccination schedule for puppies, we will provide it in this article.
Getting a new puppy can be confusing, especially when it comes to vaccinations.

Puppy Vaccination Schedule for Puppies

Puppy Shots Schedule: Vaccination Schedule for Puppies

Having a new puppy in your home is exciting no matter what the breed. However, they need care as they grow. Puppies will grow to any of the following sizes depending on their breed category:
• Giant – 75-120+ lbs
• Large – 55-85 lbs
• Medium – 35-65 lbs
• Small – 7-35 lbs
• Toy – 2-9 lbs
But to get to that adult stage in a healthy capacity, they need good quality food, lots of love, activity, basic training, toys, socialization, a comfy place to call their own and good, consistent veterinary care.

Proper Food Portions for a Puppy Based on Weight

Proper Food Portions for a Puppy Based on Weight – The Definitive Guide

If you have a new puppy coming into your home or are thinking about it, then it’s important to understand a young dog’s nutritional needs. Whether your new canine companion is coming from a breeder or a rescue, you will need to know what the most nutritious food for them is and specifically how much to feed them.
The dog food section of a pet store is usually large and confusing with rows of bags, cans, and packages of different sizes and colors.

9 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Puppy

9 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Puppy

It’s a fact. Dogs are incessantly food driven and will munch on just about anything you feed them. And with those big sweet, “I’m starving so feed me” eyes, it can sometimes be hard to resist tossing them a few scraps. Admittedly, there’s nothing wrong with sharing a few treats with them, right?
Not necessarily!
Many foods are toxic to dogs and can end up wreaking havoc on a dog’s body.

Puppy Nutrition, Food Types and Feeding Schedule

Puppy Nutrition, Food Types and Feeding Schedule

If you have a new puppy joining your family, then you have your hands full as you start to get ready for their arrival. When it comes to nutrition, having a proper understanding of puppy requirements is important to the health of your new canine companion.
Early nutritional support can have a positive effect on your puppy’s health into their adult years. Each puppy is different as size, breed and temperament play into their nutritional requirements.


Puppy Flea Treatment – Best Practices

Puppy-flea-treatment; image by Rayaah/flickr.comIf you have a new pup in your life, the time to think about puppy flea treatment is now! Flea bites cause puppies all kinds of problems. Flea allergy dermatitis is the most common skin ailment for dogs.

Every time a flea bites, it leaves behind saliva that irritates the bite, often causing an allergic reaction. The resulting dermatitis is very uncomfortable for your little dog and can lead to infection…

Fleas can bite dozens of times an hour or more, they feed on a tiny bit of blood with every bite, so puppies can become anemic with a large enough infestation. These bugs also spread nasty parasites, including one variety of tapeworm. Luckily, with proper care, fleas won’t be a bother. You just have to know what to do.

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3 Reasons Why Your Puppy Is Breathing Fast

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