Puppy Flea Treatment – Best Practices

Puppy-flea-treatment; image by Rayaah/flickr.comIf you have a new pup in your life, the time to think about puppy flea treatment is now! Flea bites cause puppies all kinds of problems. Flea allergy dermatitis is the most common skin ailment for dogs.

Every time a flea bites, it leaves behind saliva that irritates the bite, often causing an allergic reaction. The resulting dermatitis is very uncomfortable for your little dog and can lead to infection…

Fleas can bite dozens of times an hour or more, they feed on a tiny bit of blood with every bite, so puppies can become anemic with a large enough infestation. These bugs also spread nasty parasites, including one variety of tapeworm. Luckily, with proper care, fleas won’t be a bother. You just have to know what to do.

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3 Reasons Why Your Puppy Is Breathing Fast

Dave NielsenI have lived in big cities my entire life. Having grown up on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, my early life was an exciting one, filled to the brim with interesting encounters and opportunities popping up at every street corner. Like many city people, my passion for dogs first started when my parents …

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24 Plants That Can Kill Your Puppy

While we love plants in our outdoor gardens and use greenery to liven up our indoor environment, certain flora can be deadly to our four-legged family members. Dogs often like to nibble on leaves and other foliage. While he may think they’re a tasty treat, we want to avoid unintentionally harming our furry companions. Related: The …

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Have a Lethargic Puppy? Find Real Illness Behind

A lethargic puppy can be very worrisome for a (new) puppy owner, since we all know how wound up puppies usually are. If your puppy is lethargic then you might want to know about what causes this to happen because sometimes it can be life-threatening. Related: Discover 13 Reasons Why Do Dogs Get Headaches You …

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Can Puppies Drink Cow’s Milk – Why It Isn’t The Best Solution

We know it’s not a good idea to give human foods and table scraps to our dogs, but what about milk? We know that milk is good for our teeth and bones, but does it have any benefits for dogs and puppies? Is the nutrition they’re getting from their food enough?

Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about milk, dairy, and your pet.

constipated puppy

Puppy Constipation: Causes, Remedies and Prevention

A healthy puppy should have 2 to 3 bowel movements in a day. If your puppy goes for 24 hours without passing stool, exhibits infrequent bowel movements over a few days and has difficulties defecating because the stool is dry and hard then he is certainly experiencing constipation. Related: Top 5 High-Fiber Dog Foods  A constipated puppy …

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My Puppy Throws Up Worms

My Puppy Throws Up Worms – What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know About Puppy Worms

The worst has happened – your precious baby has started throwing up thin, spaghetti-like creepy crawlies and you have no idea why it’s happening or what to do about it. Realizing your puppy has worms can be scary for any dog owner. After all, shouldn’t this have been taken care of when your dog was dewormed as a young puppy? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Worms may not be difficult to get rid of initially but they’re difficult to keep away from a susceptible puppy.

Natural Puppy Diarrhea Treatment

Natural Puppy Diarrhea Treatment: 3 Simple Steps

If you’ve had puppies, you’ve certainly come to realize that diarrhea in puppies is not an uncommon thing and the phrase “puppy diarrhea” was probably high on your Google search history. It can be scary to adopt a new puppy and then realize that there might be something wrong. So, how do you know when is diarrhea normal, when is it not, and when is it time to call the vet?


Puppy Deworming Schedule – Procedure, Efficacy, Recovery & Prevention

Unless you’re a pup expert, deworming may be a little bit confusing to you. You may have questions like, why do puppies need to be dewormed? If my puppy’s being dewormed, does that mean that they have worms? Am I going to catch them if they do? Does my puppy have to be dewormed more than once? Well, you’re in luck! We’re going to answer all of the above questions as well as taking you through your puppy’s deworming schedule.