Riley’s Organics Review

While mankind has had a relationship with dogs throughout history, pet care in general, has certainly evolved over the years. It wasn’t that long ago that most dogs subsisted on a diet of table scraps.

In the last few years, significant strides have been made in regards to animal nutrition. As a result, pet owners now have numerous choices available to them in terms of the foods and even treats they choose to give their beloved animals. With so many choices now available, it’s easy to see why responsible dog caregivers may find themselves in a quandary over the best foods to give their pets.

Now that there is more attention being directed to not only the safety but also the origin of the foods that we humans eat, it only makes sense that we give the same consideration to the foods we provide our pets. At the heart of this discussion is the quality of ingredients.

Certainly, nutrition is important when choosing a pet food. When considering the subject of nutrition, quite a lot has to be taken into consideration, however. This is something that Riley’s Organics seems to understand.

The company’s motto is: We Wouldn’t Feed it to Our Dogs, If We Wouldn’t Eat It Ourselves.

The History of Riley’s Organics

The dog treats produced by Riley’s Organics are sourced as well as produced in the United States. Based in Illinois, the company takes pride in producing their products in the heartland, which means they are able to source as many ingredients as possible from local farmers. As a result, the company is able to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Science Behind Riley’s Organics

Given the tremendous amount of uncertainty surrounding the pet food market, pet owners naturally want to be assured that the foods they are giving their pets is completely safe. Now that more attention is being focused on the importance of organic foods for humans, many responsible pet owners are now turning to organic certification as a way to feel good about the foods they are providing their pets.

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Riley’s using all human grade ingredients. Additionally, all of the ingredients in Riley’s Organics are USDA Certified organic. According to the company, their treats are so healthy, you could actually eat them yourself.

The ingredients used in Riley’s Organics must meet the most stringent standards. For instance, in order to achieve USDA Organic certification, the ingredients must have been grown as well as handled based on very strict procedures. There are no differences between the process used for human food certification and dog treat certification.

Additionally, all of the organic ingredients used in Riley’s Organics are chemical free. There are no chemicals, such as herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Although such chemicals are used extensively in traditional agriculture, the issue is that residues tend to remain on as well as in the food. That’s certainly not something you would want to eat nor would you want to give it to your best friend.

 Furthermore, to be certified as organic, foods cannot be genetically modified, so that’s not something you have to worry about with Riley’s Organics. 

Organic food is also supposed to taste great. One of the benefits of organic food is that it is typically fresher because it simply does not contain the preservatives that would make it last longer.

The oven-baked treats produced by Riley’s Organics are created using the following ingredients:

  • Organic Coconut Oil is used in the treats produced by Riley’s.
  • Cinnamon-Riley’s used 100% organic cinnamon
  • Oat Flour-Pesticide-free oats that are milled in an organic milling process are used in Riley’s treats.
  • Peanut Flour-Only 100% organic roasted peanuts are used to produce the peanut flour used in Riley’s Organics.
  • Rolled Oats-The rolled oats used are certified organic oats that produce a toasted nutty taste.
  • Sweet Potato-Only 100% grown organic sweet potatoes are used to provide a smooth creamy texture.

There are absolutely no soy, corn, wheat, preservatives, pesticides, or animal by-products. There is also no added sugar or salt.

What Customers Are Saying About Riley’s Organics

Almost 50 people have left reviews about Riley’s Organics on Amazon. The average start rating comes in at 4.8 out of 5 stars. Most people comment that the quality of these treats is excellent and that their dogs seem crazy over them. Many people have commented that their dogs love the treats and they do not seem to cause any stomach problems.

Reviewers seem to really like the fact that the treats are organic. One person did comment that the treats seemed to make her dog extremely thirsty and another person mentioned that her puppy simply would not eat the treats.

 From personal experience in trying the sweet potato treats with my dogs, I found that all seemed to enjoy the treats. This included the three Basset Hounds that will eat pretty much anything but also the older Chihuahua-Dachshund who is an extremely finicky eater. Even she seemed to love these treats. I didn’t notice any stomach issues or out of the ordinary thirst.

Top Takeaways About Riley’s Organics

  1. The recipes are crafted with all-natural, organic certified ingredients that you can feel good about giving your beloved dogs. These treats are so natural, you could even eat them yourself.
  1. Riley’s Organics are produced in the USA in Illinois, but is also sold online.
  1. These treats are somewhat of a premium treat. Consequently, they are more expensive than other brands. But, with that said, you get what you pay for and with these treats, you get organic certified treats with no animal by-products, preservatives, pesticides, etc.

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