If farmina logoyou are one of the millions of pet parents searching for a nutritious, yet tempting, food for your dog, we’ve got a treat for you today! As more people recognize the importance of healthy eating for themselves, the health of our pets through nutrition has also become a priority. Since we have become a more educated group of consumers about what goes into our beloved dog’s meals, we insist pet food makers produce diets exceeding our expectations.

We believe Farmina Pet Foods is a company that understands this mission and creates outstanding products to help ensure good health for our furry family members. Keep reading for reviews of two of their dog foods which we feel might be very good choice for any breed.

“Happy Pet, Happy You” – Farmina Pet Foods

Beginning in 1965, what would eventually become Farmina Pet Foods started out as a family business manufacturing animal nutrition for livestock. Being an Italian business, family was at the core of the venture and the next generation worked up through the ranks to eventually take over.

In 1999, a son of the founder believed the new direction of the company should focus on scientifically formulated pet nutrition, and Farmina Pet Foods was born. In 2013, the company began selling their food in the U.S. market. Their foods meet the high-quality standards of the European Union and are AAFCO approved for U.S. consumers.

Farmina Pet Foods offers diets which are GMO-free, do not contain steroids, are free of growth hormones, and are made with organic products. The company is also dedicated to cruelty-free research of all their pet diets. Additionally, the foods are preserved using only natural antioxidants. The pet nutrition Farmina produces have low glycemic index. The company states this is important because pets’ metabolism has evolved to gain energy from animal proteins and fats, not carbohydrates.

As a way to ensure the freshest food possible reaches the consumer, Farmina introduced a packaging system incorporating nitrogen, a naturally occurring gas, into each bag of pet food. The nitrogen displaces the already present oxygen in the packaging, which might cause spoilage over time. This is standard in the human food industry, but a novelty for pet food companies.

Farmina Pet Foods has had no recalls of their pet foods in the United States. Information on recall status in Europe was not available.

Farmina N&D Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Review

The Farmina company believes that much of the anatomy of our domesticated dogs remains true to their carnivorous wild ancestors. Our dogs have sharp teeth for ripping flesh; they possess short and simple intestinal tracts for digesting proteins and fats; and, they lack certain salivary enzymes for breaking down carbohydrates.

The dog’s ancestral diet consisted mainly of animal meat and Farmina’s N&D Grain-Free formula reflects this with 70% animal protein included, satisfying this intrinsic nutritional need. Most dog food companies use legumes to increase their protein content, but a look at the Farmina ingredient label proves they do not.

Farmina Natural and Delicious Grain-Free Formula Dry Dog Food, 26.5-Pound, Chicken
  • Complete Dog Food for All Life Stages
  • Grain-Free, Gluten-Free

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To further comply with the high protein, low carb, and low fiber diet of this formula, 30% of the food’s ingredients are fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals.

The company states that the animal protein content in the N&D Grain-Free Chicken formula is 95%, with no bone, which is much higher than other premium dog foods. Again, the ingredient label of the N&D Grain-Free Chicken formula bears out this claim, listing several animal acquired products first.

Deboned chicken, dehydrated chicken, chicken fat, dehydrated egg product, herring, dehydrated herring, herring and salmon oil blend — all within the first nine ingredients. Since products within a food are listed on the label by weight from most to least, you can see your pup is getting solid nutritional benefit from this food.

The chicken used in Farmina foods is sourced from Italian free-range farms where they are fed a GMO-free diet. The herring is wild caught and the eggs are sourced from Italy and transported fresh to the shelling plants. The company believes this ensures the preservation of nutrients in the dehydration process.

The ingredient label lists no poultry byproducts and the company says it uses “…only high-quality animal parts [to] ensure our food has a high biological value and a 95% digestibility rate.” This food is gluten-free and uses no added plant oils of any kind. It is a complete food suitable for all ages.

Key points which we believe make Farmina N&D Grain-Free Chicken Formula an excellent choice for your dog include:

  • 37% Protein, 18% Fat content.
  • GMO-free ingredients suitable for human consumption.
  • No corn, soy, or added plant oil products.
  • Carefully sourced ingredients from growers of human foods.
  • Chelated minerals and amino acid compounds (taurine for heart health and L-carnitine to turn fat into muscle).
  • The inclusion of pre- and probiotics for healthy digestion.

Farmina N&D Chicken Low Ancestral Grain Puppy Dog Food Review

As with the grain-free formula, the N&D Chicken Low Ancestral Grain Puppy Formula is made with the dog as carnivore in mind. High levels of animal ingredients are also present in this food at 60%, with 20% as grains, and 20% as fruits, vegetables, and minerals. Legumes and other plants as protein are not used in this formula, either. This food contains 93% protein from animal sources.

The ancient grains used in this diet are organic whole spelt and organic whole oats. Spelt is a very old grain, the experts at Spelt Bakers say as old as 9,000 years. It rates high in bioavailability and is a powerhouse in health giving properties. It is highly digestible and stimulates the immune system.

Farmina Natural and Delicious Chicken/Ancestral Low-Grain Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food, 26.5 lbs
  • High Level of fresh protein, limited carbohydrate, low fiber formulas
  • No peas, lentils or pea protein

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Whole oats are an excellent source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants. These grains are also sources of readily available energy, something any growing puppy finds essential.

This N&D Puppy Formula is appropriate for little ones in part because of the close attention Farmina has given to the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio. Growing puppies must have a precise balance of nutrients in their diet in order to grow at a healthy rate for optimal skeletal development. Damage caused in the early stages of growth cannot be repaired later. Care must be given to provide a restricted caloric intake in the first year of a puppy’s life.

We believe Farmina’s N&D Chicken Low Ancestral Grain Puppy Formula is a great option for your puppy’s diet for these facts:

  • 35% protein, 20% fat content.
  • Gluten-free and no meat by-products.
  • High in antioxidants (blueberries, green tree extract, rosemary extract) to support a strong immune system.
  • Probiotics to help develop and maintain a healthy digestive tract.
  • Salmon and herring oils, natural sources of DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) to support cognitive development.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids for maintaining healthy skin and coat.
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints.
  • No artificial preservatives, colors, flavors.
  • No corn, soy; no added plant oil products.

The Last Word

The Farmina dog foods are impressive, although the price will place it out of reach of some pet parents. It is a very high-quality product. The grain-free formula is more expensive than the 20% ancestral grain food, so this could provide a way for more consumers to try the brand for their dog. We believe this company’s product would provide lasting health benefits for your beloved pet.


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