20 Chew Toys for Puppies That’ll Save Your Shoes – Perfect for Teething Dogs!

20 Chew Toys for Puppies That’ll Save Your Shoes – Perfect for Teething Dogs!

Chewing is a natural part of a puppy’s development which is why it’s so important to have chew toys for puppies. Toys that are intended for chewing prevent your young pup from gnawing on things you’d prefer it not to destroy. While no toy is full-proof and a precocious pup still might get ahold of something you’d rather it didn’t, toys reduce the desire for your puppy to chew on inappropriate items.

What causes a puppy to chew?

Chewing is a natural part of a puppy’s development for several reasons. Dogs learn about the world through all of their senses but they begin their exploration with their mouths. Think about it: they begin nursing from their moms before they even open their eyes. It’s no wonder their first inclination is to chew on things when they are learning about the world.

The drive to chew intensifies once a puppy starts teething. Just like a child, dogs lose baby teeth and have their permanent teeth cut threw their gums and grow into their mouths. This can be uncomfortable and chewing eases some of the pain. It feels good on their inflamed gums and eases their pain.

It’s during this phase, the teething phase, that dogs are most likely to destroy beloved items. If you are worried about your puppy chewing on anything important, and you should be, make sure it’s far away and that your dog has chew toys for puppies as an alternative to destroying everything from remote controls to shoes to doors.

Puppy teeth, also known as milk teeth, fall out when the puppy reaches about three and a half to eight months old. They don’t fall out at once. You’ll likely find a couple on the floor or stuck in a chew toy. Many you’ll never find them and you’ll just notice their adult teeth one day. During this period, especially at about the four to five-month mark, chewing is natural. Providing enough suitable chew toys for puppies during this time can help you prevent, or at least reduce, the number of things that get accidentally damaged.

The best chew toys are fun and appealing to puppies but also safe. It’s important to find a chew toy your pup loves which might require a bit of trial and error. Even if toys are intentionally meant for chewing, it doesn’t mean all of those toys automatically appeal to every pup. Just like your dog’s collection of regular toys, it is likely to identify a favorite and concentrate most of its attention on that one the majority of the time.

Why is it important to make sure your dog gets chews toys now and to prevent problems once it’s older?

Unfortunately, allowing a pup to chew on inappropriate items creates long-term bad habits. A dog that gets comfortable stealing away with shoes and chewing on them when teething will feel just as comfortable doing so once it’s a year or two or three years old. To avoid forming long-term chewing habits, manage the situation when your dog is very young and just learning about the world. Set boundaries, even though you know it’s experiencing the discomfort of teething. This way it knows what’s ok and what’s not ok now and later in life.

Choosing the Best Chew Toys for Puppies: What You Need to Look For

There are several things you should look for when shopping for puppy chew toys. You want something safe, durable, and appealing for your pup. Here are a few tips:

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  • Look for something soft enough to offer relief from teething pain but tough enough not to break apart. There should be some give but it should not crumble into pieces. It also shouldn’t be a stuffed toy. The best toys have a good balance between durability and softness.
  • It’s also important that chew toys not break into pieces because puppies can choke on them. Cheap, poorly made toys put puppies at risk. You need something that is shatter-proof and designed for vigorous chewing.
  • Another important feature of the best chew toys is that they offer variety. Puppies are picky and they want variety. Your dog might love a toy for a couple of weeks and then grow tired of it and move onto something else. Choosing toys with a variety of shapes and textures keeps it interested and gives it options.
  • You don’t need to invest in tons of toys and spend a lot of money. Just get creative. If your puppy gets bored with whatever chew toy or toys you have, it’s more likely to seek out inappropriate items for chewing. This also gives you a chance to rotate toys in and out. Every few days, bring out a toy she hasn’t seen in a while and your pup will be as excited as it was when you first brought that toy home.
  • Make sure you are choosing the right size chew toys. Small dogs get smaller toys but you don’t want something that is so small that it becomes a choking hazard. Even though puppies are small no matter their breed, there’s still a significant difference between breeds when a pup is young.
  • Taste goes a long way in attracting a pup to a certain chew toy. Many of today’s teething toys are made with flavoring or they might allow you to put food inside to keep dogs interested. There are also edible chews that dogs might love. Just make sure you are not solely giving your puppy edible chews for teething because the calories add up and you don’t want your pup to get too plump.

Is there anything you should avoid when shopping for chew toys for puppies?

There are a few things to stay away from when choosing the best toys for your pup to ease teething pain.

  • Cheaper toys tend to break down faster so you aren’t really saving any money. It’s better to avoid cheap toys and opt for something that costs a little more if it means it will last longer.
  • Stuffed toys with squeakers do not make good chew toys. These toys are for other types of play. You don’t want your dog noshing on them when its gums are sore.
  • Toys that contain BPA and any other harmful chemicals or ingredients are not good for dogs. BPA tends to be found in cheaper toys and you might notice these toys give off a strong chemical odor. Studies have shown BPA is dangerous even in small quantities so steer clear of these types of plastic or rubber toys.

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  • Don’t encourage your dog to chew on anything that looks like or is something you don’t want it to chew on. Giving your pup an old shoe to chew is confusing. You know which of your shoes are the “good ones” but your dog certainly doesn’t.

Finally, and this is more about your dog’s actions than the toy you choose, make sure she is not playing with a chew toy unsupervised. It might be tempting to leave your pup with a chew toy when you leave the house. After all, this keeps it occupied, out of trouble, and offers comfort. But there is also a choking hazard. Your dog should not be chewing on toys or anything else when you are not around to supervise.

Are you dealing with difficult chewing behavior with your new puppy and you want to get the habit under control as soon as possible? Chew toys for puppies are a great option. Here are a few of the best toys available:

1. Kong Fillable Chew Toys

Kong is one of the market’s best-known brands for high-quality, durable toys. The original Kong is great because it allows you to fill the inside with peanut butter or treats to keep your pup’s attention while she chews.

2. Nylabone Romp and Chomp

Nylabone is also known for its durable chew toys for teething puppies. This one is made of soft rubber and is great for small to medium-sized dogs.

3. Kong Goodie Bone

These are also made by the Kong brand but are bones instead of fillable cones. This chew toy is great because of its shape. It’s made of durable rubber and allows your dog to soothe the area of its mouth that is the sorest.

4. Nylabone Strong Maple Bacon Chew Stick

This chew toy mimics the look of a stick and lures your pup in with the sweet taste of maple bacon.

5. N-Bone Chicken Flavor Teething Ring

Teething rings are great for all teethers – dogs and humans! But this ring is made especially for dogs and appeals to their tastes with a delicious chicken flavor.

6. Nylabone Ring Bone

Nylabone Ring Bone

Another great puppy chew toy from Nylabone, this ringbone also doubles as a tug-o-war toy with your pup. Raised bristles on the toy help keep teeth clean and healthy.

7. Starmark Everlasting Bento Ball

This chew toy is not only great for teething pups, but it’s also a good overall chew toy. Because of its shape, parts are unlikely to break off and create choking hazards.

8. Nylabone Puppy Key Ring

This teething toy isn’t that far off than what you might find for a young baby who is teething. It’s a plastic ring with three plastic keys attached so you’re essentially getting four teething toys in one.

9. Nylabone DuraChew Textured Ring

This one is great for big pups. It has a tasty flavor and is easy for dogs to carry from place to place.

10. Benebone Wishbone Chew Toy

This chew is made of tough nylon material and features a wishbone shape. It comes in both peanut butter and bacon flavors your pup will love.

11. USA Bones and Chews

These chews are great because they feature edible chew pieces as well as a rope section which is great for teething pups.

12. Nylabone DuraChew Flavor Frenzy Bacon, Egg, & Cheese

This is sturdy and strong like all of the chews from Nylabone but it features an out-of-the-ordinary flavor your puppy will love.

13. Tuffy’s Red Paw Print Ultimate Ring Tug Toy

This is one of the few toys on our list that isn’t made of plastic. It’s a softer chew but it still lasts a long time. It can also be used as a toss toy or water toy for your dog.

14. Nylabone Venison Flavored Antlers

Dogs love to chew on antlers and this one from Nylabone has a venison-flavor that keeps your dog’s attention.

15. Hartz Chew-n-Clean Tuff Bone

This is a great chew that will keep your dog focused on the toy instead of chewing things it could destroy.

16. Nylabone DuraChew Marrow Bone

Pups love marrow bones and they are great for their teeth. If you aren’t able to pick up a marrow bone from your local butcher, this one from Nylabone will suffice.

17. Kong Tire

This is another durable Kong toy that serves double-duty as a teething ring and a tug toy.

18. Kong Puppy Goodie Bone with Rope Toy

This is another two-in-one toy that features a plastic chew section and a rope section. Dogs love the versatility and variety.

19. Nylabone Dental Chew Bone with Nubs

This bone features raised bumps that offer a soothing sensation for your dog when she chews.

20. Nylabone DuraChew Huff Bone Alternative

Nylabone DuraChew Huff Bone Alternative

Dogs love to chew on huffs from animals, but if you prefer a non-animal alternative, this is it. It’s long-lasting and a great shape for teething pups.There’s no denying it: teething is difficult for you and your little pup. The good news is it doesn’t have to be a time of total destruction if you supply your young teether with plenty of chew toys for puppies.

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