9 Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers

9 Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers

While it is always the hope that we’ll purchase our pup a nice plush toy that they’ll gently nibble on and carry around, that is most often not the case. And while some dogs are considered moderately tough chewers who might chew a hole in their dog toy every now and then, there are also the aggressive chewers. If you’re wondering whether your dog is one of these aggressive chewers, then they’re probably not – you’ll know if your dog falls under this category.

One of the major downfalls of having a tough chewer (besides the fact that you find yourself constantly buying new toys), is that the torn-off pieces of your pup’s toys can seriously harm them. Therefore, having a chew-proof, indestructible dog toy is an absolute necessity for aggressive chewers, even if regular toys didn’t harm your pocketbook.

Not only are we going to introduce you to the best possible materials for your power chewer and what to avoid, but we’re going to take you through the 9 best indestructible toys for aggressive chewers. And hopefully an introduction to these types of toys will allow your dog to have a favorite tough dog toy that lasts for more than just a few hours!

What Are the Ideal Materials for Tough Dog Toys?

When it comes to which materials are most ideal for your aggressive chewer, you’re generally looking at three options – rubber, a durable rope material, and Kevlar. It is always best to use caution, as even those toys meant for the toughest chompers have the tendency to not be completely indestructible. However, these materials are certainly your best option and are known for being incredibly durable. 

  • Rubber: You’ll generally find that the majority of dog toys for aggressive chewers are created using a durable and solid rubber. It’s important to still look for rubber toys that are marketed towards tough chewers and that also do not contain sharp edges, with no broken sections or openings. Many rubber toys are also ideal for teething puppies, as they can help to soothe your pup’s gums and clean their teeth.
  • Durable Rope: Let’s just stress that not any old rope toy will do – the vast majority of rope toys out there will be devoured in a matter of minutes by your heavy chewer. We’re talking thick, tough, durable rope, that is specifically meant for aggressive chompers. While your pup may pluck off a few strings at a time when it comes to these types of toys, this small amount generally won’t cause your dog any harm. Plus, rope toys are arguably the best toys to play tug-of-war with and are easy to clean (just toss them in the wash!).
  • Kevlar: Ever heard of Kevlar? Even if you haven’t heard of it, you’ve definitely seen it before in your local pet store. Kevlar has become a super popular material in recent years to use in dog toys and can make a great indestructible toy. Kevlar is actually the main component used in making bullet proof vests and is five times stronger than steel. So, while dog toys made of this material are more than likely on the expensive side, they’re definitely worth the investment.

What Materials Should I Avoid for Tough Dog Toys?

If your dog’s a tough chewer, you’ll likely be able to look at a toy and tell whether or not your pup will destroy it – if not from your knowledge of materials, you’ll know from experience alone. So, unless you’re extremely lucky and your doghas decided to be gentle with that particular toy for some unknown reason, your tough chewer will almost always destroy the following toy materials:

  • Plush or Fleece Toys: This is one material you’re absolutely going to want to avoid.While they’re incredibly cute and you see your neighbor’s dog carry around their stuffed Lambchop toy all the time, they are no match for your tough chewer. Aggressive chewers will chew up plush or fleece toys in a matter of seconds and begin plucking out the stuffing like there’s no tomorrow. This is incredibly dangerous for your pup and will also leave a serious mess all over your floor. Avoid at all costs!
  • Squeaker Toys: While dogs love squeaker toys, they generally won’t withstand tough chewers unless they’re surrounded by a seriously tough shell. And even if they are, squeaker toys present much more of a target than most other types of toys, as your dog will target that squeaker and try to get it out at all costs. Plus, once they do reach the squeaker, they will more than likely try to eat it, or will accidentally swallow it. Moral of the story? Do not leave your pup alone with a squeaker toy.
  • Latex or Vinyl Toys: While these types of toys can also be super cute, they are incredibly flimsy and won’t withstand a dog actively trying to rip them apart. Not only do you not want your dog swallowing and possibly choking on these types of toys, but they also create sharp edges when torn. This can cause injury to the inside of your dog’s mouth and potentially cause an infection. A definite no-no for tough chewers.

The 9 Best Indestructible Toys for Tough Chewers

Looking for the best toys for aggressive chewers? You’ve come to the right place! While it’s important to keep in mind that no toy is guaranteed to withstand the abilities of your dog’s chompers, these ones will definitely have a fighting chance.

1. Goughnuts MAXX 50 Ring

If you’re looking for the toughest toy on the block, Goughnuts has the product for you. The MAXX 50 Ring is made with the same reinforced natural rubber that is designed by engineers for spaceships and aircrafts. Not only does it have that seriously cool aspect, but it has a built-in safety feature, which is seriously unique. While the outside of this toy is black, the inner layer is red. As long as you don’t see red showing, it’s safe for your pup to use. And if you do, you can send it back to Goughnuts to get a replacement on the house.

The MAXX 50 Ring comes in several sizes to suit your dog’s size and all of Goughnuts products are made in the USA. Also, despite how hefty these toys may seem, they still float in water, making them a perfect toy to use on and off solid land.

2. Nylabone Durable Dental Dinosaur Chew


Odds are you’ve never seen a dental chew quite as cute as this. And if you have, we need to know where it came from. The Nylabone Durable Dental Dinosaur chew is meant for dogs up to 50 lbs (medium sized) and are locally made in the USA. They come in three dinosaur designs, a T-rex, a Stegosaurus, and an Apatosaurus, so you can choose which dinosaur you’d like to watch your pup attempt to destroy.

These dental chews are great for providing care for your dog’s teeth and gums when they just don’t want you to brush their teeth. The gently rounded nubs and bristles that are raised during chewing help to clean teeth by controlling plaque and tartar build-up. Plus, you can purchase a variety pack that includes all three dinosaurs, so you don’t have to choose between them.

3. Tuffy Mega Boomerang

The Tuffy Mega Boomerang is rated a 10 on the Tuff Scale, meaning it doesn’t get any ‘Tuffer’than this. Tuffy is great for super aggressive chewers, as their toys are made with up to 7 layers of material depending on the shape, size and style of the toy. Plus, their Mega Series (which the Boomerang is), can include up to 3 layers of luggage-grade material.

This toy is great for a multitude of other reasons, including the fact that it floats, so it can be used as a Frisbee or a tug toy on land or in the water. Plus, it’s easily washable and its soft edges are ideal for sensitive gums.

4. West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Tough Dog Bone

This toy is meant to be the best of both worlds, offering the bounce of a ball, with the shape of a bone. Have your dog’s ears perked up yet? The Hurley Tough Dog Bone is made of Zogoflex, which is West Paw’s patented material for super tough chewers. It’s also BPA-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA compliant, which is pretty great. Plus, this toy is actually floatable, making it ideal for both bath time and trips to the lake, and comes in various sizes for different sized pups.

Looking to clean this toy? It can simply be thrown in the dishwasher. Did the dog manage to somehow destroy it? Get a new one with West Paw’s 100% damage free guarantee. An all-around perfect, risk-free toy for tough chewers!

5. West Paw Tux Stuffable Tough Treat Toy

If you love West Paw’s patented toxin-free Zogoflex material, then you’ll love this different take on their floating, bouncing and flying toys. These toys come in a rounded, triangular shape, which has the option of stuffing treats in its hollowed out middle. This means that it dispenses treats as your dog plays with it, making it that extra bit more entertaining!

As with all of West Paw’s dog toys, the Tux Stuffable Tough Treat Toy can be tossed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning, is suitable for ultra-tough chewers and is BPA-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA compliant.

6. KONG Flyer

You’ve more than likely heard of the brand Kong, which is known for its robust natural rubber and its famously shaped hollow toys that are great for hiding treats. Kong also makes flexible and durable flyers, which are an excellent alternative to frisbees. This disc toy comes in small and large, so you can pick according to your pup’s size.

These non-toxic toys are known for flying as well as frisbees, so they’re perfect for playing fetch with your aggressive chewer. Kong is also made in the USA. We love supporting locally produced brands!

7. KONG Extreme Rubber Ball

Is your dog a huge fan of tennis balls, but destroys every one they come in contact with in a matter of seconds? KONG’s got a solution for that. Their Extreme Rubber Ball is meant to be indestructible and is described as being the most durable dog ball on the market! It comes in two sizes, Small and Medium/Large and is supposed to be completely puncture resistant. We do say “supposed to be”, because as we’ve mentioned, no toy can be 100% guaranteed puncture proof. However, you’re not going to find any tougher tennis ball out there, so you might as well give it a shot!

8. Nylabone Dura Chew

Does your pup just enjoy a good, old fashioned, typical bone? Well, Nylabone has one that not only helps clean teeth, but is meant for super tough chewers. These bones come in a variety of sizes and flavors, including bacon and peanut butter, and are made of tough and durable nylon. And like every Nylabone chew, it features different textures on each end of the toy, and are designed with bristles to help clean teeth and control plaque and tartar. These bones are great for solo play to keep your pup busy, interactive play and also to help soothe stress and anxiety. Nylabone is also made in the USA, so even more reason to try them out!

9.  Gnawtlers Deer Antlers

If you have a tough chewer, you’ve probably been recommended deer or elk antlers as a top choice for a treat/chew toy. The brand Gnawtlers offers only grade A premium quality deer antlers that are specially selected for their weight, density, color and shape. In order to become Gnawtlers, they are meticulously sorted, weighed, cut, sanded and inspected, before they are vacuum sealed, and labeled.

Deer antlers are a great natural option for aggressive chewers. They are not only seriously tough, but they help clean teeth while delivering calcium, phosphorus, and zinc to your pup. These types of toys/treats might be on the pricier side, but Gnawtlers guarantees they’ll hold up, or you’ll get your money back.

Are Any Dog Toys Completely Indestructible?

The answer to this question highly depends on your dog! Our 9 picks have been found to be mostly indestructible, with some pretty great guarantees attached to them. We’re glad you decided to do your research before purchasing the next toy for your tough chewer. After all, you don’t want to constantly be buying new toys (no matter what your pup says!), and you also want to make sure that the ones that you do buy are safe. While you should always supervise your dog with any toy, especially if they are an extreme chewer, all of these toys have been deemed safe for dogs with aggressive chompers. Happy chewing!

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