Nutritious Treats for Dogs: Caru Baked Bites Review

Your dog is part of your family. Your dog is one of the most important things in your life and you want to give them delicious pet food and the odd tasty bite. In return for taking care of them, feeding, and nurturing them they repay you with love, affection, loyalty, and companionship.

Taking care of your dog is as important as caring for a child and only you, as their caretaker, can ensure the overall health and longevity of life of your dog. Healthy food is as important for your dog just as it is for yourself and your family.

Personally, I sleep better, knowing that I have gone to the trouble to ensure the healthiest diet and lifestyle for my dog. As a dog owner, I appreciate companies like Caru for making it possible for me to better care for my buddy.

Dog Care

For years, I was buying pet food and tasty bite dog treats were made up of animal by-products that were actively harming my dog. When it comes to human health, we understand that a diet made up of any overwhelming ingredient is detrimental to one’s long-term health.

 A diverse, colorful diet is the naturally intended diet for most animals. Human beings and dogs share around 75% of the same genetic structure and our species nutritional needs are almost identically paralleled. Commercially-bought dog food is, by large, solely animal by-products extremely unhealthy for animals.

Imagine eating McDonalds or pop-tarts every day of your life. That’s the equivalent of what we are feeding our dogs with commercially-bought dog food. The best dog food and dog treats are the ones that incorporate a high amount of plant-based products, real meat, Omega fatty acids, and high dietary fiber with a minimum amount of animal-based products.

Why Avoid Commercial Dog Food and Dog Treats?

The optimum diet for dogs is much closer to a human’s diet than that of a farm animal. However, the vast majority of dry dog food available commercially, is made with “feed-grade” ingredients, as opposed to “human-grade.”

I don’t know about you, but I am not trying to fatten my dog up for the slaughter house, so I don’t want to feed it that poison. If I wouldn’t—or shouldn’t—eat it, my dog shouldn’t either. Now, dogs and humans might have different appetites and tastes. There are plenty of foods that I eat which my dog won’t touch, and vice versa.

The point is that, if it would make me sick, it will do the same to my dog. Feed-grade dog food will, most definitely, make a human sick. If not initially, one would become sick from the lack of nutritional value that is left in the food after processing.

Mycotoxins, which are present in all food, produces mold on biomass. In human-grade food, the acceptable levels of mycotoxins, as standardized by the FDA, is significantly lower than that of feed-grade food. In addition, feed-grade products contain the meat and bones of animals such as rats and mice, as well as containing fats and oils which are a restaurant and store waste. If that sounds yummy to you, go for it. I think that I will pass and I am sure that my dog would agree.

On top of that, commercial feed-grade dog food contains pentobarbital. Pentobarbital is an anesthetic chemical used to euthanize animals. The FDA tested—and confirmed—the presence of Pentobarbital in commercial dog foods.

Furthermore, the few ingredients in dog food that is potentially nutritiously viable to assist your dogs biologic needs, is cooked at such high temperatures, that any nutritional value is all but depleted by the time it gets to your dog’s dish.

Good Food for Your Dog

Though dogs were originally wolves which were primarily carnivorous, over the years we have steadily domesticated dogs into the creatures that now live as our companions and have fed them a primarily grain-based diet. However, the physiology of dogs has not evolved with their rate of domestication.

A dog’s digestive tract is not made to process plant foods, as raw material, in the same way as humans. Therefore, protein is essential for your dog; however, there are many plants that can be digested by dogs. These include, rice, soybeans, corn, barley, and wheat.

Caru Dog Treats

Caru is an all-natural dog treat company, which is quickly gaining traction as a household name for the best nutritious treats for dogs. Dog owners, who care deeply for the well-being of their pet that surpasses a superficial mentality, choose Caru for their commitment to the health and wellness of dogs.

“Caru,” is a Welsh term, which means, “to love.” I love my dog, Disney, and I want to take care of him the best I can, which is why I choose Caru Dog Treats to nourish his body.

Now, even though you might not like the taste of Grain-Free Dog Treats if you ate them, you would not get sick. They are 100% human-grade food, which should be relabeled, “dog-grade.” My dog’s favorite are the Beef flavored treats. They are made with real beef, blueberries, and cranberries.

Caru - Beef Recipe, Soft ‘N Tasty Baked Bites All-Natural Dog Treats, Made With Real Beef, Blueberries And Cranberries (4 Oz)
  • A treat that supports a healthy dog: Each morsel is loaded with high-quality protein for strong, lean muscles and a healthy heart, fiber-rich blueberries and...
  • Natural, healthy treats: prepared in small batches and are GMO, Grain, wheat and soy free and are baked in small batches to lock in exceptional aroma and...

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They are naturally grain-free, gluten-free, and preservative-free. The ingredients’ list is short, which is a good sign and each ingredient is easily pronounceable. It includes (in order of quantity), beef, potato flour, beet molasses, blueberries, cranberries, vegetable glycerin, dried cultured skim milk, and an all-natural preservative and each treat is only 14 calories. 

The benefits of feeding your dog Grain-Free Dog Treats are vast for you and your dog. Caru only uses USDA-inspected beef to ensure the quality and nutritional value of the meat.

Blueberries and cranberries are two of the best conduits of antioxidants and anti-androgenic effects on the body, which fight against the growth of cancer cells, which are looking for a blood stream.

No matter your dog’s dietary needs or sensitivity level, Carus dog treats are grain-free gluten-free, corn-free, wheat-free, and GMO-free to ensure the most natural and effective transmission of nutrient to your dog’s body. And, if your dog is not into the beef flavor, Caru also offers a Duck Recipe, Chicken Recipe, Lamb Recipe, and even a Salmon Recipe for the pescatarian puppies.

I love my dog, and I want him to have the best life that I can provide. Being a responsible dog owner, means feeding your dog the best and most nutritious treats available on the market. So, when you want to reward your dog, give them something better than fast food. Give them a Grain-Free Caru Dog Treat and show them how much you truly value their life.

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