French Dog Names for your Famous Puppy

French dog names - Papillon dog puppies

The French language is renowned as of the most beautiful languages in the world. Many people choose to learn the language simply to hear the gorgeous syllables roll off their own tongue or, of course, choose to give their puppy a French dog name so they can use the language every day when talking to their pup.

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French originated as a Romance language which evolved out of Latin and is honored today as the official language in twenty-nine countries across the globe, including Canada, Madagascar and, of course, France itself.

Which Dog Breeds Come from France?

Many dog breeds that make excellent pets originate from France. French dog breeds that are often domesticated as house-pets include:

  • French Bulldog
  • Poodle
  • Beagle-Harrier
  • Bloodhound
  • French Spaniel
  • Papillon
  • Dogue de Bourdeax
  • Pyrenean Shepherd
  • Barbet
  • Brittany

As you can see from this list, French dog breeds are extremely diverse and cover a wide range of precious puppy breeds that would make an excellent addition to any home.

How to Pick the Perfect Name for your Precious Pup

As devoted pet owners, our dogs become more than just animals living in our homes. They become an integral part of our family and can be just as important to us as a beloved relative or treasured friend and companion.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to bestow our dogs with a special name, just as we would our children.

There is an endless universe of dog names out there waiting to be chosen, since, when it comes to naming our pup, we’re not limited to names that sound ‘human’. When we begin the naming process, it can be difficult and overwhelming to choose as images of our beloved pup paired with the name “Fred,” or “Pebbles,” or perhaps “Lacy,” or “Cookie,” dance through our mind. There are many reasons for which one might choose to give their dog a French name.

Perhaps he or she is of a French breed and we want to pay sufficient tribute to his or her unique heritage. However, it is just as possible that we, like so many others, find ourselves obsessed with French language and culture, and think a particular French name is beautiful and that our treasured dog deserves to be known by such a gorgeous title.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a French name for your dog is to pick one that complements the puppy’s special personality.

There are many female and male French names which can make excellent titles for your precious puppy.

French Dog Names for Female Puppies

Adele – a name which means “noble”. The name Adele and the same name with different spellings has been, throughout history, the title of a renowned French saint, a French writer, and a famous fashion designer.

Alaine – a fitting name for many puppies, as it means “precious”. It is considered a contemporary and stylish name.

Destine – a unique name which means “fate”. While it is of French origin, its deep roots are mythological and can be traced to the Greek deity of fate and fortune.

Harriett – a humorous name perfect for puppies with the rambunctious spirit of a pack leader, as it means “home leader”.

Felecia – a name which means “lucky,” “fortunate,” and “happy,” three traits which describe many puppies.

Lucette – a rare French name which means, “light,” and is fitting for spry, active puppies.

Parfait – means perfect

Amie – means friend

Fleur – means flower

Coco – Coco Chanel

Antoinette – Marie Antoinette

French Names for Male Puppies

If your puppy is a boy, there are plenty of French dog names for males as well, including:

Aron – a popular name which means “mountain of strength,”. It was also Elvis Presley’s middle name, which might make it a fitting tribute to the great artist if you’re a fan of classic rock n’ roll.

Orson – a name meaning “bear,” which works well for extra fuzzy puppies that bear a striking resemblance to a mini version of the well-known forest creature.

Rainger – a name which originates in Old French and means “forest guardian”.

Sorel – a name which means “red-brown,” so it can be an excellent name for puppies with fur of the same color.

Antoine – a name with meaning “highly praise-worthy,” so it’s a great name for puppies that show above-and-beyond promise when it comes to learning tricks and commands.

Blais – a name which means “fire,” and is derived from the name of a fourth-century healing saint.

Armand – means soldier

Etienne – means crown

Marquis – Lord of the marches

Pierre – means stone

Ricky – means strong and powerful

Russell – means little red one
Every dog is unique, so be sure that when you’re picking a beautiful French name for your puppy, you choose one that fits with the special personality of your precious pup!