The 50 Best Alaskan Names For Your Dog


A new puppy truly a blessing for you or your whole family. Giving your dog a name could be a daunting task for some. If you want a unique name for your little Husky, Malamutes or any Northern breed, it could be hard to choose the best one.

In this article, we will quickly give you a rundown on two of the most popular types of dogs that receive Alaskan names; the Husky and the Malamute. From there, we will explain how you should go about picking a name, and then give you 50 examples of the coolest Alaskan names out there! Let’s get started.

Husky vs. Malamute


The husky is a very popular dog breed. They are generally characterized by their similarity in appearance to a wolf, along with many of them having striking blue eyes. Huskies have a thick coat made for the harsh winter, which is often gray, black, white, or a mix.

Dog owners who like huskies know these are extremely high energy dogs. Huskies were bred to pull sleds in Northern regions of the world, and are therefore extremely athletic and energetic. A happy husky is a busy husky.

“Husky” is actually a general term that encompasses several different breeds of huskies. Two of the most popular breeds include the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Husky. The Alaskan Husky is not considered a pure bred dog, as it was bred primarily to pull sleds and even to race.

Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is quite similar in appearance to the husky, and is thus quite often mistaken for the breed. The Alaskan Malamute is characterized for its larger size than huskies, as it was bred to pull heavier sleds and loads, often over larger distances.

Like the husky, the Malamute is kept as a family dog by many. However, dog owners should be aware of this dog’s unique characteristics in order to keep it happy and healthy.

Malamutes do make good pets if their needs are met. They are happy to be around people, and are very loyal to their owners. They are typically very quiet dogs, and do not tend to bark often.

However, the main thing with owning a dog like this is meeting its significant exercise needs. These dogs were bred as working dogs, and therefore need significant exercise. Be sure you are able to take your dog on long walks, and/or have a backyard area that they can run around in and play. A happy Malamute is one that is very active, and if you cannot provide that then this is probably not the dog for you.

Overall, the husky and the Malamute are both very popular dogs, and for good reason. It is likely that if you own one of these breeds you want to give them a name to match, and this article is here to help. Next up we will give you some tips in choosing a name for your Northern pup.

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Picking a Name

Alaskan dog names will suit any pooch that shows valor and strength. Get the best Eskimo dog names for your favorite little friend. Here are a few considerations before naming your little pup:

  • Make the name short – A short and sweet name suits your dog the best
  • Unique names are the best choice for your Alaskan dog – It would be awkward if the name resembles any of your friends or relatives’ names
  • Don’t use a commanding word for the name. It will lead to confusion. For example, you cannot use Come or Start as your pup’s name
  • Choose the name according to your dog’s breed. Some names suit tiny teeny creatures while big stunning and commanding dogs need a power packed name.

Names that are taken from native Alaskan language are capable of perfectly reflecting the power of your puppy or dog beautifully. No person’s life is complete without a little companion by their side.

Alaska is the native of more than 20 languages. The meaning and the suitability of the name for male or female dogs are also mentioned along with the names for you to decide if it would suit you and your little friend. Hope you find the perfect fit!

50 Alaskan Dog Names

Names that spell love for your talented puppy or dog – there are a lot of names that are associated to the land and nature and the unique beauty of Alaska. The following is a list of 50 popular dog names that are uniquely Alaskan:

Female alaskan names

Male alaskan names

Names that reflect places and nature

Attu - It means island. Suitable for both male and female.Siku - Literally Ice. Suits any dog.
Juno - Capital of Alaska is Juneau; Many people love this nameDenali - It means mountain.
Imnek - The name means Cliff. Suits both male or female dogsHomer - Meaning city.
Sierra - It translates as 'Rugged mountains'.Seward - The name reflects the city.
Nuka - The name means bay.Tongass - It is the name of a national forest and will suit both male and female pups.
Yukon - It is a name of a river.Pukak - It means snow smart. Suits any dog
Sesi - It means snow.Kesuk - It means water.
Sikkoo - It also means ice. Quite similar to SikuQilaq - It means sky or heaven.
Mauja - It means soft deep snow.Uglu - It literally means seal hole in the ice.
Imalik - It means wet falling snow.

Names that are derived from other animals or birds

Arrluk - The name means Killer whale.Ataneq - Ataneq means 'King dog'.
Mis(h)ka - It means 'Little bear' It would suit female timid puppies.Nini - Porcupine is the meaning of the name. It is a unisex name.
Nanuq - It means 'Polar bear'; Suits any white breed puppy.Tikaani - It means Wolf. It is a Warrior name for male dogs.
Ihun - It means 'lake trout'.Shesh - It literally means brown bear; The name would suit any brown dog.
Kanut - It translates as White Geese. Lovely name for a white female pup.Ulva - Wolf is the meaning of the name.

Names that are related to the people of Alaska

Kamik - It means the boot of an Eskimo. The name reflects the love for the dog. Just like how the boot is an essential part of Eskimo, the dog is also important to the man. Suits any dog.
Nukka - It means Little sister.Kaskae - It means chief. Suits any dog that shows leadership. Especially male.
Panik - It is equivalent to a baby daughter.Innuk - It means men.
Aga - It translates as Mother.Aatag - Pronounced as Ah-tag, the name means dad.
Aanaq - It means Mother.Atka - It means King.
Akna - It is the name of a female goddess.

Abstract alaskan names

Akiak - It represents braveness. The name suits both sexes.Amak - A playful dog; Suits any dog.
Kima - It means Candy. A sweet name for female dog.Cupun - Translates as Coal; Suits any dark colored dog.
Shtiya - It means 'My strength'.Miki - It means Little.
Suka - It means Fast.Pakak - It means 'One that involves in everything'. Suits any dog.
Shila - Flame is the meaning of the name.Suluk - It means Feather.

The relationship of the puppy to the owner is more loving than any other relationship that thrives between human beings. It is very important to choose the name that you like the most for the new member of your family. A pet dog that grows with you for years is truly the best friend for your life. It will stay with you till the end of its life in this world.

We hope that this article has given you some great options in choosing a name for your new pup. Of course, the name you pick should mean something to you as well, and should fit your dog well. Picking a name for your dog can be a daunting task, with so many good ones out there! Try to narrow it down to a category of name, and then take it from there. The more you can narrow it down, the easier the choice will be!

Some legends in Alaska still believe that these dogs even when they die, they will still stay with you as totems and guide you throughout your life.

Have fun with your little cute Alaskan puppy!