Dachshund, 8 years old, and German Shepherd Dog, 2 and a half years old

The day has finally arrived to bring that new bundle of puppy love home!

There are so many new things to think about: What food to choose? Where to put her kennel? Will she be allowed on the furniture? Perhaps the most important decision is what to call her?

Just any old name won’t do for the most special furbaby in town. Her name must be as perfect as she is. Luckily, we have terrific advice on unique German dog names. Keep reading for helpful tips.

The latest trend in dog names is actually people names. That’s right; more people are naming their dogs with names they might choose for their children. That could be because more of us consider ourselves pet parents now, not dog owners.

Pop-culture names turn up often in favorite-dog-name lists. Food and adult beverages are two categories on the rise for naming insight. Nerds and political support even figure into the name game of our dogs. People have also decided on various names for marijuana to call their pets. This trending data was compiled by online pet care-finder for 2015.

3 Popular German Breeds and What Makes Them Great

The list of most popular dog breeds in the United States changes little from year to year. The same breeds mostly swap places on the list annually. People find their favorite breed and tend to stick with it. The following breeds are German dogs commonly in the top ranks of favorites, according to the American Kennel Club.

German Shepherd Dog — easily recognized dogs. They are seen in homes, as service dogs, and in many law enforcement settings. Alert and full of life, they are valued for their loyalty and intelligence. We are always impressed while watching a German Shepherd Dog confidently leading her blind partner. The dogs are also known for their bravery in police work.

Rottweiler — very intelligent dogs. They have a strong desire to protect their home and family. They are loyal, calm, confident, and courageous. These dogs take their time to warm up to new people. Their powerful body makes them suitable for working. They were initially bred to pull carts of meat for butchers. They are also used for herding livestock.

Dachshund — curious and funny little dogs. They keep their people entertained. We love their loyalty and friendship. The Dachshund was originally bred to hunt badgers. Being low-to-the-ground makes them perfect for hunting any undergrou

Female German Dog Names

Male German Dog Names

Adolfine - Noble wolf

Abi - Big brother

Adriane - Coming out of the sea

Achim - Child of the Sun

Albertine - Noble

Adriel - God's majesty

Albina - White woman

Bastian - Short form of Sebastian

Alena - Small


Amelia - Efficient

Bert - Short form of Berthold (Shiny)

Andrea - Brave

Bruno - Brown

Annika - Graceful

Caspar - Treasurer

Astrid - God is good

Cayden - Spirit of battle

Beate - Happy

Claus - The great victory of the people

Berta - Shiny

Damian - The Fighter


Darian - Owner of a good thing

Carlotta - Free

Dolf - Wolf

Celia - Celestial

Eddy - Small hurricane

Charline - Feminine form of Charles

Egmund - Protector

Daniela - God is my judge

Elias - God is the Lord

Dora - God's gift

Eugen - Well born

Ebba - Strong as a boar

Felix - Fortunate

Edel - Noble

Frido - Powerful

Eli - Diminutive of Elena

Gunter - Fighter

Fanny - Crown

Gustav - Stave of the Goths

Femke - Diminutive of Euphemia

Hans - God is merciful

Floriane - Blooming

Hardy - Strong

Frizzi - Short form of Franziska

Heini - Home ruler

Gabby - Woman of God

Hendrik - Home ruler


Hugo - Wise man

Hanna - Grace

Ingo - God of whiteness

Heidi - Diminutive for Adelheid

Jacob - Protected by God

Helga - Holly

Jasper - Danish and Dutch form of Caspar

Ida - Labor, work

Joel - Yahweh is God

Ines - Pure

Johan - God is merciful

Jessica - God sees you

Jurgen - Farmer

Jonna - Shorthand for Johanna

Kai - Safe harbor

Kaja - Alive

Kiefer - Pine tree

Katrin - Great beauty

Kimi - Abbreviaton for Joakim

Keyla - Beautiful as the night

Lambert - Land owner

Klara - Bright

Lars - From the city

Lara - Famous

Lennard - Strong as a lion

Lena - Shiny

Leopold - Brave as a lion

Leona - Lioness

Marius - Coming from the sea

Luisa - Famous warrior

Matthias - Gift of God

Mariella - Maria + Isabella

Milo - Beloved

Marisa - Abbreviation of Maria-Louisa

Momo - Peach

Matilda - Mighty in battle

Nathaniel - Keeper of the fire

Mayra - Fate

Oliver - Olive tree planter

Nadine - Generous

Oskar - God spear

Nia - Bright

Otto - Heritage

Nina - Pure

Philipp - Horse lover

Petra - Solid as rock

Ralf - Short of Rudolph

Phia - Abbreviation of Sophia

Roland - Strong and bold

Rebecka - Snare

Rudolf - Famous wolf

Rieke - Rich

Sebastian - Man from Sebaste

Sabine - Sabinus was ancient Roman tribe

Sven - Young warrior

Sigrid - Beautiful victory

Theo - God

Soffi - Short form of Sophie

Tilo - Strong man

Thea - Goddess

Tobi - God is gracious

Tina - Short form of  Christina

Uli - Rich ruler

Trudi - Strong spear warrior

Uwe - Worker

Uma - Name of Hindu godess

Walter - Victorious


Werner - Fortified

Wilhelmina - Protector

Yan - God is merciful

Zita - Little rose

Zion - Mount Zion in Jerusalem

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