15 French Bulldog Facts That You May Find Fascinating

French Bulldogs are fascinating canine creatures. From their bat like ears, to their flat little faces to their loving personality, they have become the favorites of many American family homes.

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“Frenchies” are small domestic dogs that came onto the doggie scene during the 19th century when traditional bulldogs were mated with pugs and terriors to create this adorable mini version.

The french bulldog may be mini in size but they have huge personalities that not only steal the hearts of their owners but can also empty their wallets too.

Some of these little cutie pies go for big bucks. A french bulldog puppy can range anywhere between $1,400 and $8,000 dollars. Wow! Now that’s a barkin” expensive pooch.

But those who adopt a frenchie into their family will tell you the cost is well worth the love and affection they give in return. There is so much more to the french bulldog than meets their bulging little eyes.

Check out these 15 fascinating facts that will have your saying, “Oui, oui” to this adoring breed.

French Bulldogs Are An American Favorite Of Families and Celebs Alike

This canine cutie is an All American favorite! Last year, the American Kennel Club reported nearly 7,000 new registrations for French Bulldogs. That is a 49 percent hike from the previous year and more than a 1,000 percent increase from 10 years ago.

Beauty Is In The Bulging Eyes of the Beholder

French bulldogs are so ugly they are cute, but for their owners it is their comical appearance including their bulging eyes and flat faces that charms them the most. Frenchies are known as the “clowns of the canines” due to their one of a kind looks and over the top personality.

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Frenchies Have the Whole Package

Good Looks, Intelligence and Loving:  French bulldogs are famous for their doggone odd looks, it’s true, but they also have some other amazing qualities. They each have a unique personality, are independent thinkers and very curious making them just a bit mischievous. They play well with others and make excellent companion dogs.

French Bulldog Puppy

French Bulldogs Are Trainable When It Benefits Them

Most frenchies are well-behaved and if you can get through their stubborn nature, easy to train. Trainers claim that if you can convince them it is in their best interest to learn a new task they will learn it quickly. That means rewarding them with a treat and affection.

Happy woman with french bulldog

Celebrities Love their French Bulldogs

Celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Victoria Beckman, Reese Witherspoon among others are frequently seen walking their beloved frenchies. Other Hollywood stars and residents  love them because they easily fit into their handbags, a high fashion trend.

Frenchies are Fashionistas

Everyday is the perfect day to play dress up. Owners love to adorn their frenchie pups in the latest styles and costumes and strut them around the town and the little lovers don’t seem to mind and usually love all the attention.

naughty puppy

As Colorful As a Doggie Rainbow

French Bulldogs come in a rainbow of colors including brindle, fawn, brindle and white, white. Some other colors that the AKC standard does not recognize are black, mouse, black and tan, liver and black and white. AKC standard or not, every French Bulldog is the perfect pooch in our eyes.

French Bulldogs

Frenchies Play Well With Other Pooches

French Bulldogs make friends with other dogs, but aren’t crazy about cats. They are active, playful and should have daily exercise due to their energy level.  After a burst of fun and games, they like to sleep it off for awhile, usually in their owner’s chair or better yet, lap!

French bulldog following shaggy terrier on sandy beach

Frenchies Can Be Very High Maintenance

There’s no if, buts or bones about it. Frenchies are high maintenance and can suffer from medical issues like knee pain, eye problems, teeth issues and even hip displasia. This breed also has food allergies that sometimes gives them gas, but is part of their adoring charm.

French Bulldog (8 months)

French Bulldogs Get Hot Under The Collar

These short nosed darlings can’t exercise very long or they will over heat. High temperatures and French Bulldogs don’t mix well so keep them in air conditioned homes so they stay Joe Cool, calm and collected.


Frenchies In The Hollywood Spotlight

French Bulldogs are Hollywood’s sweethearts and are paw-tastic on the big screen. Some movies to watch for these darling doggies will steal the show are “From Hell,” “Secondhand Lions”, Bringing Down The House,” and “Titanic.” Did you know a French Bulldog was traveling with his owner and died on the actual Titanic?


Little Dog, Big Protector

Not only are French Bulldogs cuter than can be, they are territorial and protective. Their quirky behavior will sometime alert their owners of intruders, but not all the time. They are a quiet breed, so they make an ideal apartment or house dog. Too bad they snore, drool, slobber and pass gas.

French Bulldog standing on the grass

Not Much Grooming Needed

French Bulldogs have a short, sleek, easy to care for coat. Daily brushing is recommended to keep them from shedding on the furniture because it is very difficult to keep these couch potatoes off the couch!Depositphotos_25668305_m-2015

Pool Owners Beware

Frenchies Cannot Swim!  French Bulldogs have many talents but swimming is not one of them. They just cannot swim or even doggie paddle. Their squatty body and heavy head prevents them from keeping above the water!  Your sweet pup should never be left unattended by any pool.

French bulldog at pool side

French Bulldogs Live A Long, Happy LIfe

Frenchies can live a happy, loving life and stay with us between 8 and 12 years, some have been known to live up to 16 years. Just as any breed, lifestyle, blood line and other factors determine the lifespan of these cuties. Experts recommend regular visits to the vet to keep your pup happy and healthy for a lifetime.


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  1. My Frenchie is such a little clown. You forgot to mention that Frenchies love to talk. It is the funniest thing because they have this intense look on their face like what they are trying to tell you is very important. They are adorable , loving snuggle bugs.

      • Thanks for connecting to Mysweetpuppy.net. Please keep in mind that I, Claudia Bensimoun, do not write any of the blogs or reviews on this website, nor have I in the past. I only answer the comments section.
        The French Bulldog is a very popular dog breed. The temperament is affectionate and stable. This dog breed enjoys being around people, including children. Although it tends to be a one-person dog, the French Bulldog is friendly with everyone. With a low activity level, this dog breed makes for the perfect apartment dog. The French Bulldog does well living in the city. That said, pet parents to this dog breed need to take heed of possible health concerns that this dog breed may be prone to.

        This includes the following:

        Elongated soft palate
        Brachycephalic syndrome
        Back problems
        Swimming concerns

        For more about Brachycephalic Syndrome, visit:https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/brachycephalic-airway-syndrome-in-dogs

  2. I am part of a group of Frenchie owners who meet monthly at a local beach. Most of the Frenchies there can actually swim and some will chase balls and sticks up to 5m or more from the beach. My Frenchie hates the water, but she can swim.

    • Thanks for connecting to Mysweetpuppy.net. Please keep in mind that I, Claudia Bensimoun, do not write any of the blogs or reviews on this website, nor have I in the past. I only answer the comments section.
      At Mysweetpuppy.net, the “15 French Bulldog Facts That You May Find Fascinating,” mentions how this affectionate and intelligent dog breed should be supervised around water. This is a brachycephalic dog breed that also suffers from heatstroke. The Frenchie has a low activity level, and does well living in the city or suburban home. This dog breed makes for a superb companion dog that enjoys going to Starbucks for a Puppuchino.

      The French Bulldog may be prone to atopy,back problems, brachycephalic syndromes, heatstroke, and an elongated soft palate.The French Bulldog gets on with everyone, most especially other animals. This dog breed does not do well being alone all day, and needs to have company and moderate daily exercise.

      French Bulldogs do well going for a doglates class with their pet parents. That said, this is a breed that needs to fly in cabin, and needs to be well supervised when traveling, in case of breathing issues. The French Bulldog is also prone to heatstroke, and needs to be indoors during the hot summer months.

      For more on my article about sunburn protection and dogs, visit:https://www.usdaa.com/article.cfm?newsID=2636
      For more on my article on how to enjoy a doglates class with your pooch, visit:https://www.fidofriendly.com/article/fidos-inner-zen

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