Chewy Subscription Box Review – Everything You Need to Know


Subscription boxes have exploded in popularity over the past several years. If you have never heard of them, they are a type of service where you sign up to have a package of goods delivered on a regular basis, often monthly.

These boxes usually contain a selection of curated items that match a particular theme, such as beauty products, snacks, books, or anything else you can imagine. Where subscription boxes used to be aimed exclusively toward humans with varying interests and hobbies, it is now possible to sign up for a subscription box for your furry friend!

That’s right; the Chewy Subscription Box was designed to deliver various items tailored to your pet’s specific needs. They offer subscription boxes for dogs and cats, and you can customize them to meet specific needs, such as potty-training puppies or rewarding adult dogs.

How Can We Help?

While this sounds fun and exciting, many wonder if the Chewy Subscription Box is worth it. This is where we can help! We will review the Chewy Subscription Box to determine whether or not they are a good idea for you and your pooch.

About the Chewy, Inc. Brand

Chewy launched in 2011, so the company has been on the market for quite a while. They did not initially start as a subscription box company. The company started as an online retailer of pet food and accessories for dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, and other small pets.

The Chewy brand has one of the best reputations for customer service and fast deliveries, which explains its rapid growth. By 2020, Chewy had grown from a relatively niche online retailer, to one of the largest online retailers of pet food in the United States. They are even listed on the New York Stock Exchange!

What Is the Chewy Subscription Box?

Corgi dog lying in dog pet with selection of toys and grooming brush scattered around

While they remain an enormously popular online retailer of pet food and supplies, Chewy is now known for their unique Chewy Subscription Goody Boxes. It bundles a near-endless combination of pet treats, foods, toys, grooming tools, and just about anything you can imagine a pet owner would need for their beloved pet.

These Chewy Subscription Boxes are available for dogs and cats, but we will focus exclusively on the Chewy Subscription Dog Boxes for this review.

These boxes are available in various themes and can be purchased for dogs of different life stages, breeds, sizes, and various occasions. They mostly contain thematically relevant dog toys and treats, but certain boxes will feature special surprises, such as dental health treats and supplements, grooming tools, and training accessories.

Most boxes come with between five and ten items, so opening each Chewy box can be exciting for you and your pooch.

What Types of Chewy Subscription Goody Boxes Are Available for Dogs?

Chewy currently offers 11 unique boxes for dogs, each curated for specific needs. Some are available in two varieties: one for toy and small breeds, the other for medium and large breed dogs.

Dachshund wearing collared shirt lying in plush dog bed with toys

The following are the main options available today, but it is important to remember that Chewy switches up its subscription boxes regularly:

  • Movie Night Dog Toys & Treats Medium/Large Breed Goody Box
  • Adventure Toys & Treats Medium/Large Breed Goody Box
  • Birthday Dog Toys, Treats, & Bandana Toy/Small Breed Goody Box
  • Birthday Dog Toys, Treats, & Bandana Medium/Large Breed Goody Box
  • Puppy Toys, Treats, & Potty-Training Accessories Goody Box
  • Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Themed Medium/Large Breed Goody Box
  • Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Themed Small Breed Goody Box
  • Disney Mickey Mouse & Pluto-Themed Small Breed Goody Box
  • Disney Mickey Mouse & Pluto-Themed Medium/Large Breed Goody Box
  • Chewy x KONG Puppy Toys & Treats for Small Breeds Box
  • Chewy x KONG Puppy Toys & Treats for Medium Breeds Box

Dog owners have plenty of options, so it is up to you to choose the type of Chewy Goody Box that comes closest to matching your preferences and those of your dog.

What Is in the Chewy Subscription Boxes?

As you can see above, each box differs according to the theme, but there are plenty of consistencies between them. What we like about these boxes is that Chewy packs them with some of the highest-rated items from their online store. 

They also ensure that the toys and treats are safe for dogs, as they do not pose choking hazards or contain harmful ingredients. While each box differs, and it is difficult to list specific items, they are all filled with healthy treats and toys that dogs love and remain consistent.

Naturally, boxes aimed towards smaller breeds feature smaller, bite-sized treats and much smaller and more manageable toys. On the other hand, boxes designed for larger breeds contain larger items that are more suitable for dogs over the 50lb mark.

Since part of the fun of a subscription box is opening it up and being surprised by what you were sent, it does not make more sense to dissect the boxes. That said, we were impressed with the items’ quality within the boxes we explored. 

We also found that they were affordable for what you get. In fact, a full box costs about the same as a single pack of treats and a single toy. Considering they all come with at least five items, this represents excellent value. 

Do You Have to Subscribe?

No, you do not have to subscribe to a monthly or annual program, as you can simply purchase a single Chewy Goody Box. With that said, you can save by subscribing or bundling more than one box in a single order. 

We also liked the flexibility of what Chewy had to offer.

Final Verdict – Are Chewy Subscription Boxes Worth It?

Overall, Chewy Subscription Boxes are a worthwhile purchase. When you add up the box’s contents, you save a significant amount of money.

Chewy even claims that each box will save you at least 45% compared to the cost of buying the items within them individually. They also come with free shipping; you can bundle boxes or subscribe to save even more.

Where the Chewy Goody Boxes really shine is the excitement they can offer. They can be a fun way to reward and connect with your pup, plus all the different toys and treats are great for mentally stimulating your dog.

They are also an excellent gift for any dog lover in your life or if you want to reward your pup for a special occasion, such as a birthday or for completing obedience training.

Put simply, these boxes are fun, and they offer great value! Your dog will also give them a four-paw rating. What’s not to love?

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