Simply Nourish Dog Food Review – Is It Worth Spending Money On?

Simply Nourish is by no means a rookie when it comes to dog food production, as their company, American Nutrition, has been established in 1972 and is slowly working up to the half-century mark of continuous operation. As it was originally envisioned as a producer of high-quality pet food that can be easily recognized and that doesn’t contain any artificial colors or artificial flavors, this statement has later developed into the use of only natural ingredients and only organic food in the creation of their products.

That being said, which the vast variety of products such as the ones offered by Simply Nourish. It is certain that there will be a product for every dog owner. On the flip side, with such a variety of pet food, there are bound to be some hits and some misses, and it is important for consumers to know which products have been proven to be of higher quality than others. Responsible pet owners want to feed their four-legged friends with the best food available, but in the today’s world, we also need to take care of the budget as to make sure that the food that we are buying will last enough until the next paycheck.
Finally, it is good to know that in almost fifty years how long the company is operating, there have been no recalls of Simply Nourish products, which does give a sense of security but shouldn’t necessarily imply that this product is something worth our hard earned money.

What is Simply Nourish?

This is a very versatile brand of pet food, including both cat food and dog food, and has products that specialize in foods for multiple ages, breeds, conditions, and goals. Since 2011, the product has been exclusively sold by PetSmart in their primary markets of the United States and Canada, as well as a relatively new market in Puerto Rico.

The idea behind Simply Nourish is to provide a simple way for customers to understand what is inside their food. This means that formulae are relatively simple, relying mostly on high-quality proteins, while keeping both the dry kibble and the wet canned food grain free and with as little meat by-products as possible.

Additionally, almost all Simply Nourish products contain essential oils, with some having more luxurious ingredients such as olive oil or even coconut oil. Having these additional substances ensured the health and well-being of the canine, as well as better digestion.

What does Simply Nourish Offer?

The list of products is truly vast but can be categorized into several groups. There is both wet food and dry food, as well as some raw food options that would be an exceptional treat for any dog.

Aside from these general categories, the product line offers specialized options for puppies, senior dogs, as well as dogs that have dietary restrictions, such as allergies and food intolerance. The best thing about those is that all of the main ingredients are clearly cited on the box itself, and there is no chance to buy a product that mentions a component such as salmon and to find that there are also poultry by-products used as a binder or just something to bulk up the kibble.

Except for the products that are meant to be low in protein, as to assist in issues such as kidney disease, all products have high-quality proteins that are sourced from different animals in different products. Unlike many other dog food brands, Simply Nourish usually focuses on a sole source of animal protein as not to confuse their customers and to convey clearly what is that they are selling and what can we as pet owners expect from the food.

The Products:

Balancing the dog’s diet is not an easy feat. There is no such thing as the best pet food for all pets, and you must determine the size and content of the meals you need to give to your dog depending on their weight, breed, age, as well as any specific dietary restrictions. On top of that, you need to balance your budget as not to overspend and to put yourself in a bind long term due to a short-term misjudgment.

While the list below includes but a fraction of Simply Nourish products it will give you the general idea of what to expect from the company. Additionally, both PetSmart and Simply Nourish will often give out a promo code for their online stores where you can save quite a bit, and it is wise to spend this promo code on the pricier products that you may not want to use regularly, and to purchase more wallet-friendly options such as dry kibble on regular bases.

1. Natural Freeze Dried Beef Liver

Simply Nourish Freeze Dried Beef Liver Dog Treats 5 Ounces (Pack of 2)
  • Simply Nourish Freeze Dried Beef Liver Dog Treats
  • These wheat free dog treats come packaged in a 5 ounce bag

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In most places beef is considered to be a quite common source of animal protein, but some owners might find this to be a novel protein when it comes to their dog. This is a very balanced formula overall as it has a good amount of protein and doesn’t contain any wheat, corn, or soy, or any other significant source of carbohydrates. As these cubes are freeze-dried, there is no chance for any other products than beef liver to be inside, but there are some issues in handling it and make sure not to re-freeze the treats.

Additionally, it contains crude fiber in the form of flaxseed, which is not only a good source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, but is also a good ingredient for digestion in general. An added bonus is that omega 3 fatty acid improves the quality of your dog’s fur, making it shinier and easier to take care of.

Intended for: Adult dogs


  • Beef is a good source of protein
  • Contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids
  • Priced at the market average for this amount of food


  • Beef is often not a novel protein for the dog
  • Lacks vitamin B12

2. Adult Dog Food – Natural, Chicken & Brown Rice

Simply Nourish Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food - Natural, Chicken & Brown Rice, 6lbs with Especiales Cosas Mixing Spatula
  • One bag of Simply Nourish Small Breed Adult Dog Food - Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe and Especiales Cosas Mixing Spatula bundle
  • This small breed adult dog food comes packaged in a 6 pound bag

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Although not officially listed as such, this product may be considered a baseline when it comes to dry dog food. It has a very simple list of ingredients, using chicken as a sole animal protein source and brown rice as a source of carbs. In addition to the two main elements, there is also some flaxseed to add fiber and omega 3 fatty acids, as well as sweet potatoes, spinach, and pumpkin that all provide a good balance of vitamins and minerals. While this product should be considered if the dog’s diet doesn’t allow any chicken, for dogs without dietary restrictions this may as well be the go-to option, which is also budget friendly.

Intended for: Adult dogs


  • Good ingredient balance
  • Good concentration of protein
  • Has all the needed vitamins and minerals


  • Not a source of novel protein

3. Limited Ingredient Diet Puppy Food – Natural, Sweet Potato & Salmon

Simply Nourish Adult Sweet Potato and Salmon Dry Dog Food, Natural Ingredients - 11lbs and Especiales Cosas Mixing Spatula
  • One bag of Simply Nourish adult dry dog food - Sweet Potato and Salmon Recipe (11 Pound Bag) and Especiales Cosas Mixing Spatula bundle
  • This dry dog food that is formulated for dogs of all sizes and comes packaged in an 11 pound bag

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Unlike the former, this is a very specialized diet that is not only focused on puppies but puppies with allergies at that. A limited ingredient diet is the best option for dogs with allergies or food intolerance, but when it comes to a puppy, you must also provide them with enough protein to promote healthy growth and development.

This product is based on salmon, which is a novel protein source for most dogs and is very rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that help the dog’s immune system and general health. Aside from salmon, there are sweet potatoes to add some carbs, some flaxseed for fiber, and some tomato pomace to help good digestion. All what a growing puppy needs in just four ingredients and nothing more.

Intended for: Puppies and young adolescent dogs


  • Excellent source of novel protein
  • Good source of fiber
  • Has omega 3 fatty acids
  • Only has four ingredients


  • Lacks vitamins such as B12

4. Essentials Adult Dog Food – Natural, Chicken& Vegetable

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This is a baseline product from Simply Nourish when it comes to canned dog food. It is filled with high-quality protein that is based solely on chicken without any meat by-products, with vegetables such as peas and carrots adding the needed fiber, vitamins and minerals to the mix. The formula is completely grain-free and doesn’t include any wheat, corn, or soy, using only barley as the source of simple carbs. This means that a 13 oz. can is filled to the brim with nutrients that your dog will be able to use.

As it, the case with wet dog food, this product contains essential oils as well as vitamins D and E.

Intended for: Adult dogs


  • Excellent protein concentration
  • Good source of fiber
  • Contains natural ingredients filled with vitamins and minerals


  • Not a source of novel protein
  • Doesn’t contain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids

5. Senior Dog Food – Natural, Chicken & Brown Rice

Simply Nourish Senior Adult Dry Dog Food - Natural, Chicken & Brown Rice, 6lbs with Especiales Cosas Mixing Spatula
  • One bag of Simply Nourish Senior Adult Dog Food - Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe (6 Pound Bag) with Especiales Cosas Mixing Spatula
  • This dry dog food that is formulated for senior dogs comes packaged in a 6 pound bag

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Similar to the product made especially for puppies, this product is made particularly for older dogs and has all the aches and issues in mind that may come with venerable age. With a premium formula that helps preserve and rebuild joint and without any artificial colors and artificial flavors, this kibble is a go-to choice for your furry old-timer.

The animal protein inside is based solely on deboned chicken, with carbs coming from brown rice. This blend ensures that the old dog will not get overfed on heavy ingredients.

Intended for: Senior dogs


  • Controlled protein levels
  • Sourced ingredients to help joints and cartilage
  • No corn, wheat, soy, or any whey protein
  • Good source of fiber
  • Contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids


  • Not a good source of novel protein

Overall Brand Review

Long story short, is Simply Nourish worth the money?
While it doesn’t excel in every category there is, they have a solid all-around offer that is bound to provide something for everyone, and as they often offer coupon codes, promo codes, as well as special offers over the PetSmart website you may have as well found the perfect way to help both your dog and your bank account.
In all truth, it is possible that products that contain exotic ingredients such as virgin coconut oil might be more of a gimmick than a true business move. But, in regards to their base product as well as specialized pet food for puppies and senior dogs the ration between the price and the quality is clearly in the consumer’s favor.
While thrifty pet owners will wait for a sale, even without one these products are well inside the price range of other dog food brands, with probably a slightly higher quality of ingredients.

Final Verdict

As it should be, the actual final verdict is up to the consumers and left to the market. The mere fact that a family-owned and operated company has been around for almost half a century says a lot about their constant quality, but that doesn’t mean that they should be left complacent.
Simply Nourish is certainly worth the money they ask, and there are options for owners of all breeds of dogs, but every dog is different, and you should never force the dog to eat something that they don’t want. Our recommendation is to look at the list and see which product would fit your dog’s needs the best and then test to see if your four-legged friend agrees with your choice.
In the end, it is our choices, as well as the lack of our purchases, what makes the pet food industry push forward to make even better products each year.