Top 5 Best Dog Foods For English Bulldogs [Buyer’s Guide 2021]

It’s difficult to imagine that the notoriously cute English bulldog was once used to bait bulls. This plump pooch has been a popular pet worldwide for ages and holds an almost-mascot status for the English. Due to overbreeding, however, these cute canines can now suffer from serious health problems.
Due to this breed’s susceptibility to health problems, it’s always best to ensure that you do everything to keep them healthy.

Top 5 Best Dog Foods For Chihuahuas [2021 Buyer’s Guide]

The Chihuahua is a tiny toy breed of dog that is named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. These tiny mutts include both long and shorthaired varieties, although mating the two does not result in what is considered a purebred Chihuahua.

The high energy of a Chihuahua can make them skittish and seemingly nervous and so not necessarily great for a family home, while their tiny size makes them fantastic apartment dogs and easy to transport around, even in a purse a la Paris Hilton.

Top 5 Best Dog Foods For Yorkies [2021 Buyer’s Guide]

The Yorkie dog, also known by its full name, the Yorkshire Terrier, is the most popular of all toy breed dogs. Affectionate and playful, yet easy to handle due to their tiny size, these miniature mutts owe part of their popularity to their suitability to adapt to an apartment as a home.
Yorkies, like many other purebred dogs and toy breeds, have very specific nutritional needs, which begs the obvious question, why don’t we feed them that way?