BarkBox vs Chewy Dog Subscription Boxes – Full Comparison


Subscription boxes are all the rage! They are a great way to discover new products in an exciting, convenient, and affordable way. While subscription boxes are tailored to just about every type of human hobby and need, there is a growing niche for pet-themed subscription boxes.

These recurring delivery boxes are packed with a curated selection of products for pets and their owners. This can include nutritious food, treats, toys, grooming supplies, and training tools. Pet-themed subscription boxes are an excellent way for a pet owner to try new products and keep their pets well-stocked with the essentials; they can also be a great way to reward your pet for good behavior or simply to celebrate a milestone.

As you would expect, plenty of pet-themed subscription boxes are specifically designed for dogs. Two of the most popular options for dog owners that want to reward their canine companion with a subscription box are BarkBox and Chewy. 

This complete buyer’s guide compares the two options. Read on if you would like to see our thorough BarkBox vs Chewy comparison guide.

Introductions & Overviews – BarkBox vs Chewy

As mentioned, BarkBox and Chewy are two of the leading dog-themed subscription boxes on the market today. While a monthly box subscription for dogs is a relatively new concept, they have exploded in popularity and are now a very common purchase for dog owners and those looking for a gift for a dog owner in their life.

To make things easy, we will now provide a basic overview of the two companies and the subscription boxes they offer.

Overview of BarkBox

The BarkBox company was founded by Matt Meeker and Henrik Werdelin in 2011 and continues to be based out of New York. When they hit the market, they were one of the very first subscription services specifically tailored to dogs and dog owners. Since its original launch date, the company has grown to become one of the most popular retailers of dog-themed subscription boxes.

The company’s signature BarkBoxes are tailored to the size and preferences of the subscriber’s dog, with options available for small, medium, and large dogs and heavy chewers. The boxes usually contain two to three toys, two types of treats, and one dog chew. 

What Makes BarkBox Subscription Boxes Unique?

BarkBox package delivered on front step of house with senior dog peeking out open door

The company’s team of experts chooses these products, which are sourced from smaller, independent companies, mostly based in the United States. This allows dog owners to try products they might otherwise never come across at a typical brick-and-mortar pet store.

Customers also have the option to choose a one-off purchase or a three-month, six-month, or 12-month subscription plan. The longer the subscription duration, the less you will pay per box.

BarkBox is also supported by an online community, which is available through the company’s website and social media channels. Subscribers are encouraged to share photos and stories about their dogs and interact with other dog owners and BarkBox subscribers. This can be an excellent option for those interested in joining a community of fellow canine enthusiasts.

One of the unique features of BarkBox, and one of the features we like the most, is the company’s charity program. Through the program, a portion of proceeds from every box is sent to help rescue dogs that need support. This is an excellent way for dog owners to treat their dogs while helping out less fortunate pups stuck in the shelter system.

What Do You Get in a BarkBox?

In a typical BarkBox, you will usually receive: 

  • 1 or 2 themed dog toys
  • 2 bags of treats from an independent American/Canadian company
  • 1 natural chew toy

What Is Our Overall Impression of BarkBox Subscription Boxes?

Overall, we believe BarkBox is a trustworthy provider of high-quality products sourced from unique, independent suppliers. They offer plenty of features and options that dog owners will like. Customizing your subscription duration is also really useful, especially for those who want to try out the company before signing up for regular deliveries.

The items within each box will excite your pup and allow you to try out different products. In short, we recommend trying out BarkBox if your budget allows for it.

Overview of Chewy

Coincidentally, Chewy was also launched in 2011 but did not start as a dog subscription box company. This is because they were founded as an online pet food and accessories retailer. 

Thanks to their impressive product catalog, reasonable prices, and outstanding customer service, Chewy became one of the largest online retailers of pet food in the United States. By 2020, they had even outgrown Amazon in this regard.

While the Chewy brand is still primarily associated with being an online retailer of pet food and supplies, their unique Chewy Subscription Goody Boxes have also exploded in popularity. Despite their recent launch, their dog- and cat-themed subscription boxes are just as well known as BarkBox subscription boxes.

What Makes Chewy Goody Boxes Unique?

Chewy subscription box on floor of home

One of the things that makes the Chewy Goody Boxes so unique is that Chewy is such an enormous retailer of pet supplies. The company has incredible resources and can bundle a near-endless combination of dog treats, toys, grooming tools, and dog food packs into their boxes for low prices.

In fact, the budget-friendly nature of Chewy’s Goody Boxes is one of their most attractive features. Thanks to the company’s incredible resources and relationships with manufacturers, it can pass significant savings onto its customers. 

Chewy even claims each box saves the buyer at least 45% compared to the cost of buying the items within the box individually. Chewy Goody Boxes are an affordable way for dog owners to try out new products and keep their pooch happy when combined with free shipping and the option to reduce costs by bundling boxes.

We also like that Chewy offers its boxes in various fun themes, which you can purchase for toy/small breeds or medium/large breeds. They currently offer customers 11 different options, so you can choose a theme that is relevant for your pup, or, if you are looking for a gift for a fellow dog owner, you can purchase them a single box that works for their pup.

What Do You Get in a Chewy Goody Box?

In a typical Chewy Goody Box, you will usually receive the following: 

  • 1 or 2 dog toys
  • 1 unique product, often a bandana
  • 3 treat bags
  • 1 natural chew

What Is Our Overall Impression of Chewy Goody Boxes?

Chewy Goody Box Ultimate Bundle Box promotional image

There is a lot to like about the Chewy Goody Boxes, particularly their budget-friendly prices. We also like that they ensure that each box is filled with high-quality products from some of the most well-known manufacturers in the pet supply industry, like KONG.

With that said, Chewy Goody Boxes are not designed to function like a standard subscription box service. This is because you know the contents of the box before it arrives. While you can purchase multiple boxes and have them delivered at intervals that match your preference, there are only 11 to choose from, so you will not get a new box each month with unknown products.

It is difficult to argue with the affordable prices; the items within each box are top quality. Still, they might be a little disappointing for those looking for a traditional subscription box service where each box is filled with surprises.

With all of that said, we have to say that we believe that Chewy Goody Boxes are a worthwhile purchase. They can be a great way to reward your pup or act as an outstanding gift for any dog or cat owner.

BarkBox vs Chewy – Our Final Verdict

While they may seem similar, BarkBox and Chewy offer customers different experiences. Each company has plenty to offer, and we would not hesitate to recommend either type of dog-themed box.

To make things simple, we evaluated them in the following categories to determine an overall winner:

Price and Affordability – Chewy

There is no denying that Chewy Goody Boxes are more economical than those offered by Barkbox. To purchase a single BarkBox, you would have to pay $45.00. On the other hand, a single Chewy Goody Box is only $24.99.

While you can reduce the cost of the BarkBoxes to just $29.00 each, this requires signing up for a full 12-month subscription.

Quality and Customization Options – BarkBox

We like that BarkBoxes are packed with unique items from independent retailers and smaller companies. The quality of these items is also outstanding, and you can customize the boxes for allergies and preferences. You can even choose a more durable Super Chewer box option from BarkBox, which ensures your pup gets tough toys strong enough to stand up to the most aggressive chewer.

With that said, the items in a Chewy Goody Box are also excellent quality, but most are products you could find in just about any big-box pet store. It is also worth noting that the quality and customization you get with the BarkBoxes come at that higher price point, so you are getting what you pay for.


Both options offer dog owners and furry friends plenty to get excited about. Since they are both great options, the decision should come down to personal preference and budget.

While the BarkBox subscription plan offers much more than the Chewy Goody Boxes, they do come at a higher cost. If you are looking for an affordable, one-off box for yourself or to give as a gift, a Chewy Goody Box might be a better option than a lengthy BarkBox subscription.

Overall, they are great companies that meet different needs and preferences with their subscription boxes. The choice is yours!

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