If you lose your furry friends, you probably put a lot of thought into what goes into their food bowl. If you haven’t really thought about it, you probably should. Just like for humans, dogs are affected by everything they eat. The nutrients and minerals your dogs ingest every day affect their well-being from their internal health to the condition of their fur coats to their energy levels. That’s why we love to help you find the best natural balance, including the best food for puppies to full-grown adult dogs. Pure Balance is one dog food we love to recommend. Here’s why:

Why We Love Pure Balance

Pure Balance dog food has created premium dog food formulas with a natural balance for your pup’s well-being in mind and offered it to consumers at a more than reasonable price. Many pet owners are guilty of equating a higher price to better dog foods, but the truth is that the two are not always synonymous. Many more expensive dog foods contain dangerous ingredients like corn gluten and food dyes. Pure Balance is a mid-priced dog food that avoids these hazardous ingredients and offers a healthy recipe for dogs large and small.

You can expect Pure Balance dog foods to contain somewhere around 25% protein and 15% fat, which offers your dog plenty of nutrients to maintain muscle mass and energy levels and for puppies to grow big and strong. The food also contains a moderate level of fiber, which is important for keeping your furry friends healthy and regular. Pure Balance makes both dry and wet dog food in several different recipes, offering flavors like chicken, salmon, and bison. And, if you have a variety of furry family members, they make cat food, too.

NUTRO Grain Free Adult Pasture-Fed Lamb, Lentils and Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food

Grain Fed or Grain-Free Dog Food

There are plenty of contradicting opinions on the subject of grain fed vs. Grain-free pet food products concerning what really is the healthiest way to feed our four-legged friends. However, the evidence is pretty inconclusive. Typically, grain is not directly related to health conditions in dogs, unless, of course, your dog has an allergy to grain. However, what is related directly to serious health complications in dogs is feeding grain-based food that doesn’t contain enough protein or healthy fats. Both of these things are incredibly important. Sometimes, especially in the cheapest dog food, grain makes up the overwhelming bulk of the product’s ingredients. This is because grain is particularly cheap, which reduces the cost of production for manufacturers, which, in turn, lowers the price for consumers. While the low price can be enticing, the bulk quantities of grains like corn and wheat take up space that should be occupied by protein, fat, and vitamins.

Unless your pet has an allergy related directly to grain, grain-free food may not be necessary, and finding a dog food with a healthy balance of grains, protein, fats, fibers, and vitamins should be the more pressing matter.

A Pure Balance of Ingredients

Pure Balance dog food varieties are made with premium ingredients full of the nutritional elements your dog needs to thrive. The food is balanced to include plenty of protein, fats, and fiber, but the important thing to note is that all of these come from healthy sources. Here are some popular ingredients used in some of the Pure Balance Dog food recipes and exactly what health benefits they bring to the table (or the kibble bowl).

Pure Balance Limited Ingredient 12 Lbs Bag Turkey & Sweet Potato Cat Food

  • Salmon and Salmon Meal: You may eat it all the time and, if you do, then you probably know that salmon is full of protein and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. However, fresh salmon is quite costly and mostly water, so when the water is removed before adding it to the dog food, much of the salmon’s weight is lost. If the manufacturer used all fresh salmon (or other meat) to make up for the entire protein content of the dog food, then the price of the final product would like be outrageous for the consumer. Luckily, some dog food manufacturers found a healthy option that saves you and them quite a few dollars. Salmon meal is simply a fish concentrate product, generally made from the scraps of salmon from a fish farm. When dried and ground it is packed with protein and usually makes up for a large amount of protein in the recipe, if included. Salmon meal is a perfectly healthy way to include meat-based proteins in your dog's diet for a much lower price.
  • Chicken: Like salmon, fresh chicken is a healthy source of fats and proteins. However, also like salmon, fresh chicken has a high water content and can be particularly costly, especially if it were used as the prime source of protein for dog food. Don’t worry, though, because chicken meal, a meat concentrate made from chicken “scraps,” contains almost 300% the amount of protein of fresh chicken and can be added to dog food at a fraction of the cost. It’s still made from chicken so it is a wholesome source of protein for your pup.
  • Bison: This may sound like an exotic inclusion, but typically bison meat is easy to come by. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great source of protein. Bison is much leaner than many other meat sources. It contains high protein content and is perfectly healthy for your dog, but should be paired with foods containing healthy fats. The idea is that feeding bison to your dog helps replicate a more natural evolutionary diet for him, but the argument that it is healthier than other meat proteins is merely opinion. However, it will do no harm, and most dogs love it.
  • Ground Peas and Pea Protein: Peas can be ground and added to dog food recipes, and they pack plenty of nutritional value. Ground peas are typically used in pet foods as a good source of carbohydrates. They also include high levels of soluble dietary fiber. Most notably, however, dried peas are almost 30% protein, which offers your pup a vegetable-based protein alongside the meat proteins.
  • Brown Rice: Brown rice, once ground, is a healthy grain that adds plenty of soluble fiber to the dog’s meal.
  • Beet Pulp: Beet pulp is sometimes referred to as a “filler ingredient,” but the truth is that dog food companies could find a much cheaper filler for their food. Beet pulp may be added to bulk up the carbohydrate levels in dog food, yes, but it is also rich in dietary fiber that your dog can easily break down. Plus, beet pulp has been linked to benefiting a dog's blood sugar and intestinal health by some researchers.
  • Flaxseed: You probably recognize flaxseed as a healthy additive to your meals, so why not your dog’s? Flaxseed, especially when its ground to powder, adds tons of soluble fiber to the food. Flaxseeds also contain a moderate level of protein (20%) and plenty of antioxidants that are great for your pup.
  • Dried Egg: Dried egg is another controversial ingredient in dog food. However, just like most things, in moderation, there’s nothing to worry about. Egg is actually incredibly easy for your dog to digest and contains a high amount of protein. Many researchers state that dried egg product should not be a primary source of protein for a dog, but the inclusion of it as a high-protein additive does no harm. Eggs also contain other healthy fats and nutrients, too, so we see them as a bonus.

Our Favorite Pure Balance Dry Dog Foods

We’ve broken down why we love Pure Balance dog food, but you will really understand when you try it for yourself and start to see the difference in your dog’s energy level, shiny coat, and overall health. Here are some of our favorite dry Pure Balance Dog Foods:

Pure Balance Grain Free Small Breed Chicken & Garden Vegetables

This grain-free dog food is formulated specifically with small dogs in mind and is balanced both for dogs who have a sensitivity to grain and for those who don’t. The “grain-free” promise means this food has no corn, wheat, soy, or other grains included in the recipe. The tiny kibbles are small enough to easily fit in a small dog’s mouth and won’t wear them out while they’re munching. More importantly, though, this Pure Balance dog food includes tons of wholesome, delicious ingredients that will make you and your pup happy.

The first ingredients in this nutritious recipe include the following (in order by weight, from most to least): Chicken, chicken meal, dried ground peas, tapioca, whole ground potato, turkey meal, poultry fat, flaxseed, and pea protein.

Whole ground potato is used as the alternative option to grain-based carbohydrates and turkey meal is similar to the chicken and salmon meal we described above, so it is packed with protein for your pup.

Pure Balance Grain-Free Formula, Salmon & Pea Recipe, Dog Food, 4 lbs

Here is a healthy and balanced grain-free option that is perfect for medium to large dogs. This one features salmon as the main meat protein ingredient, so your pup can reap all its fatty benefits. The first ingredients in this recipe are as follows: Salmon, salmon meal, dried ground peas, tapioca, pea protein, fish meal, dried plain beet pulp, and poultry fat.

This recipe creates a great blend of animal- and plant-based protein, fiber, healthy, soluble fats, and the carbohydrates your dog needs to maintain his energy levels all day long. This recipe also includes a healthy dose of carrots, which include beta-carotene for healthy eyes. Your dog will see benefits from the serving of vitamin E and vitamin C, as well.

Pure Balance Wild & Free Bison, Pea & Venison Recipe Food for Dogs

This is another option for larger dogs, but this one is not appropriate for dogs that are grain intolerant. However, if your dogs aren’t grain intolerant, then this is solid dog food choice that will provide all important vitamins and nutrients. The bison and venison provide a lean protein content, which supports healthy muscle development. Here are the most abundant ingredients in this super recipe: Bison, chicken meal, turkey meal, dried ground peas, tapioca, pea protein, poultry fat, dried plain beet pulp, pork protein, and venison.

Pure Balance Wet Dog Food

If you prefer feeding your dog wet dog food or need to for health reasons, Pure Balance has a variety of different wet dog foods available. Check out this wet food bundle:

Pure Balance Grain Free Formula Dog Food Roll, 2 lb bundle

This wet dog food bundle includes two different top-quality recipes that dogs love, including “Savory Chicken with Carrots and Spinach” and “Savory Beef with Carrots and Spinach.” The first ingredient in both recipes is real meat and chicken and beef are the main sources of animal protein in their respective recipes. Carrots benefit the eyes and spinach adds iron, as well as vitamins A, B, C, and K to your dog’s diet. This wet food is suitable both for small breeds and for larger dogs and is just as well-balanced as their dry food varieties. This bundle includes two, 1 lb rolls of wet dog food.

Do what is Best for Your Dogs

While we highly recommend this balanced, nutritional dog food to pet owners, it is important that you use your pet-parent instincts (and common sense) to determine exactly what is best for your dog. As with any premium dog food, you should monitor your dog closely after changing their diet. If you choose to switch your dog to Pure Balance dog food, you should watch closely to make sure it’s right for your four-legged friend. You’ll likely be able to tell within a week if your dog has an allergy to any ingredients. If there are no negative effects then it is likely safe to continue feeding this balanced food to your pup. It may take two weeks to a month to see improvements to any existing concerns that were caused by previous dog foods because you need to allow time for the other food to clear entirely from your dog’s system.

Pure Balance 30 Pounds All Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food

Pure Balance Grain Free Wet Dog Food 4 Flavor Bundle – 3.5 Ounces Each – 8 Pack Plus Natural Dog Chew (9 Items Total)

Pure Balance Grain Free Formula, Salmon & Pea Recipe, Dog Food, 11 lbs (1)

Pure Balance 24 Pounds Grain Free Formula Natural Salmon & Pea Dry Dog Food