25 Adorable German Shepherd Mixes That Will Cheer Up Your Day

Happy Girl Outside PLaying With German Shepherd Mix

Most people know German Shepherds as courageous police dogs, but there is so much captivating about these canines. When German shepherd meets another gene, you got to love the outcome. Are you contemplating bringing one at home? Well, great because ferociously sweet and fiercely loyal, German shepherds mixes are man’s best friend.

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German shepherd mixes are very versatile; their intelligence, strength ability to be easily trained make them well suited for a wide range of tasks. Let’s now take a look at 25 adorable German shepherd mixes that will make your day (more) beautiful.

1. Zeus

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You must be wondering why people take a lot of pride in owning an animal that is hard to control and fairly unpredictable. Well, that is because little Zeus is unpredictable; you never when it will jump on you or take a back seat and let you do the ‘talking.’ It is one great wolf mix to have at home.

2. German shepherd/Husky mix

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This GSD/Husky mix is just 6 months, you got to fall in love with those blue eyes. Well, only God knows what has gotten the attention of this adorable puppy to keep her glued on the skies.

3. Sophie

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This pup looks a little skeptical, you must agree. Don’t you love the ‘eyebrows’? Who can’t fall in love with that? Just get prepared to wash your rug repeatedly if you own little Sophie. But with that killer look, she’s worth all the trouble for sure.

4. Conrad

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This cute little puppy has an adorable brown color in the middle of the face to give a fantastic contrast with the rest of the body color. Conrad is one of those dogs that like sleeping around and turning his head from time to time to check on you.

5. German shepherd/Boxer mix

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What do you expect when German shepherd genes meet Boxer genes? This is the most ridiculous and energetic dog you will ever come across. Just make sure to keep an eye on your furniture when he grows up!

6. Andromeda

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Combining the mischievousness of a Husky and intelligence of a shepherd, this dog has adorable ears and can get quite messy with furniture. When fully grown, no door, window or fence is safe.

7. Layla

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A look into her eyes reveals a rather innocent dog. Well, it could be because Layla, as the owner calls her, hasn’t grown to maturity just yet. She’s just a free elf.

8. Dogness

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Resembling the Belgian malinos, this beautiful German shepherd dog is in love with the beach! Maybe he loves snorkeling or just can’t get enough of the sand.

9. Olive

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Olive must be camera shy so you may think. Well, you may be wrong because maybe she was still thinking of a better pose when the cameraman ‘accidentally’ hit the button.

10. German/Corgi mix

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With poses like this, who knows what surprise you can get from this dog? Well, just make sure you keep your bedroom door locked because you might get her curled up in your bed just like this.

11. Collie/German mix puppy

The most adorable puppy ever.

Be prepared to scream when you have this at home. You look at those hairy ears and you know what magic a Collie and German shepherd combination can produce.

12. Golden Retriever/German shepherd mix

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That is everything you need in a puppy. Cute and adorable, it can become a little hyperactive, especially when it grows up. Just make sure you don’t confuse her with one of your teddy bears at home.

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13. Husky/German shepherd mix

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This dog is not only beautiful; it looks proud and noble. Can I also add that he is photogenic? Well, you can decide that. With its short and white hair, who wouldn’t want one of these at home?

14. Chow Chow/German shepherd mix

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With a mix of brown, black and chocolate colors, this is one of the most adorable German shepherd cross breed dogs. Petting her is like touching a wave of clouds.

15. German shepherd/Husky mix

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Those eyes! She’s a beauty but also a little unsettling. I am not sure if she is possessed or just adorable.

16. Heidi

Heidi at 13 weeks, lab/german shepherd mix

Look at those ears, they are just so cute. I guess she must be a terror at puppy class so you will have to be a little more careful with it.

17. Porco

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Even though it looks more of a German shepherd and golden retriever cross breed, it is beautiful and looks so regal. He is short and looks beautifully proud!

18. Retriever/German shepherd mix

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If you love puppies with giant paws, then this one is for you. With those floppy ears, this dog is just adorable to say the least. You will fall in love with rubbing her belly.

19. German shepherd lab mix

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I love the way it takes its time to pose for the camera. Maybe she was promised a lot in return. I just hope the cameraman kept the promise if there was any.

20. Shar Pei/German shepherd mix

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If you are one of those people who don’t like dogs with too much fur on, then this one is for you. With its long legs, it is one of the tallest cross breeds of German shepherd mixes.

21. Doberman/German shepherd mix

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Those ears are a sight, there is no denying it. This is one of those looks you expect to get when you forget to take her out for a walk.

22. Hilda

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From the looks, her personality looks to be soft and fluffy. She also looks wise and from experience, dogs of this cross breed howl at other dogs.

23. Norwegian Elkhound/German shepherd mix

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Well, I don’t know if it is the camera or just that this dog has a long face. It looks like one of those dogs you don’t want to mess around with.

24. Remus

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You got to love this dog, not just because it is beautiful but because of its anxious nature. Who knows what was going through his mind when this picture was taken? ‘Are they planning to put me up for sale?”

25. Kona

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The tiny and somewhat round face is what makes it stand out from other cross breeds of German shepherds. It also features short ears.

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  1. I am interested in a shepherd mix. I’d like to know how to go about finding one. This sight shows some choices but not where to find them. I’m sure I’m missing something. Your help would be appreciated. We are in the Austin Texas area.

    • Thanks for connecting to Mysweetpuppy.net. Please keep in mind that I, Claudia Bensimoun, do not write any of the blogs or reviews on this website, nor have I in the past. I only answer the comments section.With so many dogs at shelters (including pure bred Shepherds), it’s always best to adopt. Shepherd mixes are terrific, and make for great companion dogs. Whether you opt for a mix or purebred, keep in mind that your dog’s ancestry will always come in to play. The Shepherd’s loyalty, intelligence, and sensitivity will amaze you. That said, be prepared for a high-energy dog that is playful and highly trainable.All dogs need to begin socialization during puppyhood. This breed does best with an active family and a large backyard.

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