Top 20 Best Puppy Foods

Top 20 Best Puppy Foods

A new puppy is a joy like no other. Maybe you are preparing to bring your new baby into your home, or maybe the pup is already there. And he’s hungry!

You have entered into a world of love and companionship, but there is a dizzying array of choices when it comes to what to feed your new friend.

Simply Nourish Dog Food Review – Is It Worth Spending Money On?

Simply Nourish is by no means a rookie when it comes to dog food production, as their company, American Nutrition, has been established in 1972 and is slowly working up to the half-century mark of continuous operation. As it was originally envisioned as a producer of high-quality pet food that can be easily recognized and that doesn’t contain any artificial colors or artificial flavors, this statement has later developed into the use of only natural ingredients and only organic food in the creation of their products.

Best Limited Ingredient Dog Food Reviews for 2018

The 5 Best Limited Ingredient Dog Food Reviews for 2021

While for most dog owners picking out a premium dog food that has limited ingredients might sound counter-intuitive, there are some very good reasons why you would want to avoid some elements that are often found in both dry kibble and wet dog food. These ingredients are generally not harmful to most dogs, but if your dog has an intolerance or even an allergy, to some substances it can be detrimental for them to ingest even a small amount.

5 Best Canned Dog Food

The 5 Best Canned Dog Food Brands for 2021

Nothing makes your dog happier than receiving a nice can of wet dog food that they are able to much up in seconds. Senior dogs and puppies alike prefer the richness of scent and flavor that can only come from wet food, and it is also much easier to make this type of food better for their health, as many perishable substances can be introduced that would spoil in any other way.

Low Phosphorus Dog Food Top 5 Recommendations That Are Actually Yummy

Low Phosphorus Dog Food: Top 5 Recommendations That Are Actually Yummy in 2021

There is nothing worse than seeing your puppy suffer from an illness, and it is especially hard when the problem causing the pain is internal, as you will not be able to treat it directly. This is exactly the case with kidney disease in canines, as there is little treatment except to give your pet some good puppy food that is low in phosphorous, but that still has all the necessary high-quality protein that your dog would need to stay strong and active.


Diabetic Dog Food: The Top 5 Best Dog Foods for Diabetic Dogs in 2021

The growing diabetes epidemic is not only affecting humans. Diabetes is increasing among dogs as well. Based on research studies, one in every 200 dogs is at a risk of developing this disease. Now, if your pooch is diagnosed with diabetes, you may feel like it’s a death sentence. Although complex, canine diabetes is a manageable condition. In fact, your pup can live many healthy years after a diabetes diagnosis.

Best Dog Food for French Bulldogs

Best Dog Food for French Bulldogs: 5 Best Foods to Feed an Adult & Puppy French bulldog in 2021

In spite of his rather glum expression, the Frenchie—as he’s popularly known—is a happy, comical, and entertaining breed of dog. This dog is as calm on a farm as he is in an apartment. Plus, he is livelier than what most people expect considering his chunky appearance. A French bulldog puppy is particularly frisky and likes interacting with his owner.
However, if you own one of these breeds of dogs and would like him to live a long, healthy life,

Anti-Yeast Dog Food: A Pet Owner’s Guide to Anti-Yeast Dog Food in 2021

Have you noticed your dog licking his paws or scratching his ears like his life depended on it? Perhaps, he has an unusual smell that wasn’t there before. If your pup has any or all of these signs, odds are that he has a yeast infection. Unfortunately, a majority of pet owners don’t know what yeast infections are until their pets contract one.
Essentially, yeast is a fungus that is always present in canines and it forms part of the normal flora of their body.

Best Dog Foods for Golden Retrievers

Best Dog Foods for Golden Retrievers

Smart, gentle and eager to please, the Golden Retriever dog excels as a reliable, loving companion. Also, good manners, kindness, and loyalty are standards for this breed. As a Golden Retriever owner, you have to know several things about your pup. This article will reveal some essential nutrition tips as well as the best foods on the market for this breed, including high-quality dog food for adult dogs, dry food, and puppy food.

Best Food for Husky Puppies

Best Food for Husky Puppies

Husky is probably one of the most sociable and uncomplicated breeds that you can get. They’re extremely friendly, affectionate, active, docile, intelligent, and outgoing. And, as the owner of such an amazing pup, you certainly want to provide him the suitable nutrition. The next paragraphs are focused on how to take care of your Husky, nutrition information, and the best foods on the market for Husky puppies.