Best Dog Food for French Bulldogs: 5 Best Foods to Feed an Adult & Puppy French bulldog in 2021

Best Dog Food for French Bulldogs

In spite of his rather glum expression, the Frenchie—as he’s popularly known—is a happy, comical, and entertaining breed of dog. This dog is as calm on a farm as he is in an apartment. Plus, he is livelier than what most people expect considering his chunky appearance. A French bulldog puppy is particularly frisky and likes interacting with his owner.

However, if you own one of these breeds of dogs and would like him to live a long, healthy life, one of the things you need to do is feed him a well-balanced diet. Since this dog breed is susceptible to an array of health complications, feeding him right should be made a priority. To make this process easier for you, we’ve highlighted everything you need to know about feeding your pup. More specifically, we have recommended the best high-quality dog food for French bulldogs.

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Nutritional Requirements of French Bulldogs

Moderate Protein

French bulldogs may seem like some of the tiniest dogs. However, they resemble other bulldogs with regards to their body build. It means that they are equally brawny, stocky, and well-developed. That said, the best way to help your Frenchie build and maintain muscle is by feeding him dog foods with moderate protein levels.

We recommend going for animal-based protein as it will be easier for him to digest. You can feed him plant-based proteins at times, but keep in mind that these don’t have the amino acids he needs for muscle development.

Like with the American bulldog and English bulldogs, one of the reasons why you should not give your Frenchie too much protein is because of the breed’s susceptibility to allergies. Protein-rich dog foods are some of the culprits for your dog’s allergic reactions.

Low to Moderate Calories

French bulldogs are known to have moderate energy levels. Even though they are quite playful, they don’t need vigorous exercises. In fact, taking him for a 20-minute walk is enough exercise for him. If you have a French bulldog, you may have already noticed that he sometimes prefers a sedentary lifestyle, without too much play. As such, his calories need not be more than necessary. If you feed him a diet with excess calories, he might become obese or develop complications related to being overweight.

To put this into perspective, an adult French bulldog requires between 550 and 600 calories daily while a senior Frenchie requires between 400 and 470 calories of high-quality dog food. If your French bulldog is too hyperactive, however, consider giving him about 800 calories on a daily basis.

Low Fat

On average, Frenchies, including French bulldog puppies, require a significantly lower amount of calories compared to other dog breeds. In line with this, the fat content in their diets shouldn’t be too high either. As mentioned earlier, these dogs don’t lead active lifestyles so their foods ought to have low-fat content.

Low Carbs

French bulldogs are prone to developing gas problems, food allergies, and other digestion complications. As such, their carbs should be in form of dietary fiber to minimize this risk. Also, they need fewer carbs than other dog breeds.


Vitamins and minerals should be included in every canine’s diet. These are the food products that form the backbone of several of his cellular physiologic processes. For instance, calcium and phosphorous are must-have nutrients for your pup’s bone development. Other micronutrients that you should incorporate in your Frenchie’s diet are potassium, zinc, iron, magnesium as well as vitamins A, B, and C.

Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Food for French Bulldogs

Frenchies are muscular yet tiny, bundles of joy. They also have exceptional nutritional requirements, which are quite different from other breeds. For that reason, you should keep the following in mind.

Weight Control

As stated earlier, Frenchie owners might not even realize when they are overfeeding their pups. These adorable little creatures look even cuter when they have well-rounded bodies. But the breed standards for Frenchies require that these dogs have an average weight of 28 pounds. If your adult Frenchie weighs more than this, you should look for a weight loss formula.

Calorie Content

Considering this dog’s tendency to become obese, watching the calorie content of the food you give your pup is vital. If you’re not sure of the number of calories you should be feeding your pup, you should consult your vet. The average amount of calories to incorporate in his food is about 780 calories per day, split into two or three meals. However, puppies and senior French bulldogs require fewer calories than this.

Level of Activity

French bulldogs are a playful dog breed. However, their activity level is relatively low compared to other dog breeds. Plus, they tire pretty quickly because of their exceptional anatomy of their noses, which tend to affect their respiratory systems. That said, the best dog food is one that has moderate protein, carbs, fats, and calories. In fact, the number of calories, fats, and carbs should be lower than protein. If you give them too much, they’ll end up being converted into fat and turn your adorable pup into a ball of hound.

Developmental Age

For pet owners with puppy French bulldogs, the best diet is one made up of specialty puppy formulas. Do not buy adult dog food for your young pup as this won’t be suitable for his nutritional needs. The same holds senior dogs, pregnant pups or lactating ones. If you’re not sure of the best food to feed your mutt, however, you should always consult your vet.

How Often Should You Feed Your Bulldog?

If you ask a vet or animal care specialist, they are likely to recommend you to feed your Frenchie twice a day. However, if you have a puppy French bulldog, it’s better that you feed him four or more times daily. You can then reduce this frequency to three times as he approaches adolescence. Once he’s all grown up into an adult pooch, feeding him twice per day is enough to prevent overfeeding.

Advisably, you should also use measuring cups to estimate the amount of food you’re feeding him. This will help you to be consistent with regards to the portion sizes. Consistency is the best way to regulate your Frenchie’s weight.

One problem with dog foods designed for small and toy dog breeds is that they have very high caloric content. Consequently, it can be a little too easy to overfeed your pup. Overfeeding your pooch can not only jeopardize the health of your dog but it can also lead to permanent damage on his physical structure. On average, an adult Frenchie should weigh no more than 28 pounds.

Best Dog Food for French Bulldogs

Merrick Lil’ Plates Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Merrick Lil Plates Grain Free Small Breed Recipe, 12-Pound, Chicken
  • #1 Ingredient Is Real Deboned Chicken
  • Grain-Free Nutrition With No Gluten Ingredients For Easier Digestibility. Recipe Also Includes Probiotics And Prebiotic Fiber For Optimal Digestion And Leading...

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If you own an adult French bulldog, this dry dog food by Merrick is one of the best options. Merrick is one of those brands that has made a name for itself by making all-natural, tasty dog foods. The protein in this particular formula is sourced from real deboned chicken. This is a good thing as it provides your pooch will the essential fats and amino acids he needs for proper development.

Another plus of this food is that it does not contain any gluten, artificial colors or flavorings. In place of these ingredients, the manufacturer incorporates probiotics, which help with digestion.

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Whole Earth Farms Puppy Recipe Dry Dog Food

Whole Earth Farms Puppy Recipe Dry Dog Food, 5-Pound by Merrick
  • Whole Earth Farms Puppy Recipe Dry Dog Food, 5-Pound
  • 5-Pound

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In addition to being affordably-priced, this is one of the best dog foods for French bulldog puppies. The primary sources of protein in this food are real chicken and real salmon, so you are guaranteed that your pup is getting adequate amino acids to boost proper growth and development.

Made in the USA, the puppy recipe dog food does not have any artificial ingredients or wheat, making it friendly to your pup’s tummy. Another key highlight of this formula is the way it’s infused with a ton of vitamins and minerals, which are essential in warding off diseases.

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AvoDerm Natural Brown Rice & Chicken Meal Formula

Avoderm Natural Weight Control Dry Dog Food, Brown Rice & Chicken Meal, 28-Pound
  • One (1) 28 Pound Bag: Avoderm Natural Weight Control Brown Rice & Chicken Meal Dry Dog Food
  • Healthy Weight Management Formula: Reduced Fat And Low Calorie Diet For Overweight, Less Active Dogs

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Usually, we recommend dog foods whose first ingredient is meat. However, French bulldogs are an exceptional dog breed. One problem these dogs face is their susceptibility to farts and digestion problems. There are two ways to tackle this issue. One, by adding more dietary fiber to their diet, and two, buying dog food with few or no commercial fillers. The AvoDerm Natural Meal Formula achieves or ticks both boxes.

Since the key ingredients in this recipe are brown rice and white rice, your pup will be getting adequate carbs and fiber. The source of protein is chicken meal. This dog food is also infused with vegetables, which provide micronutrients.

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Royal Canin French Bulldog Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition French Bulldog Adult Dry Dog Food, 17-Pound
  • The French Bulldog Is A Good Example Of The "Brachycephalic" Jaw Type With A Very Short Muzzle. French Bulldog Kibbles Are Exclusively Designed To Make It...
  • French Bulldogs Are Known To Have Powerful Muscles. French Bulldog Adult Helps Maintain Muscle Mass With An Appropriate Protein Content (24% Min.). Enriched...

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Are you looking for a dog food that can improve the skin health and coat of your French bulldog? If you are, there’s no better option than the Royal Canin dog food. This is one of the few dog food options on the market that is specially formulated with your Frenchie in mind.

In addition to the healthy protein sources obtained from chicken, this dog food also has healthy fats, which come from salmon oil. Your pooch will also love the kibble design as it’s easy to pick up and it encourages his chewing. But keep in mind that the Royal Canin formula is designed for dogs that are beyond one year.

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IamsProActive Health Bulldog Dry Dog Food

Iams Proactive Health Adult Bulldog Dry Dog Food, Chicken Flavor, 30 Pound Bag
  • Contains (1) 30 Lb. Bag Of Iams Proactive Health Adult Bulldog Dog Food-Ideal For Both American Bulldogs And English Bulldogs
  • Tailored To The Nutritional Needs Of Bulldogs For A Healthy, Balanced Diet-Because Different Breeds Have Different Needs

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In case your Frenchie is experiencing thyroid problems, this adult dry dog food by Iams is a superb option. The first four ingredients are chicken, chicken meal, egg product and potato protein, all of which are protein sources. With so many proteins, this dog food has a rich nutritional profile and is a great fit for a Frenchie that needs to lose some pounds.

Also, this dog food is fortified with fruits and vegetables, which provide a ton of nutrients. The only area where this recipe falls a bit short is the fact it does not have a lot of fiber. However, it’s a fantastic alternative for a French bulldog diagnosed with thyroid problems.

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Common Health Issues that French Bulldogs Face

Hip Dysplasia

Naturally, these dogs have a short stature, which makes them susceptible to orthopedic problems like hip dysplasia. This medical condition causes your dog’s hip joint to become loose, resulting to wear of the cartilage.

Although this is mostly a hereditary condition, you can ensure proper development by feeding your dog the right food, especially during his puppyhood. Avoid feeding him too many calories as this may encourage imbalanced growth, which may strain his developing joints. In any case, his diet should have more healthy nutrients like calcium and phosphorous and fewer calories.


There are a ton of things people like about French bulldogs but their predisposition to flatulence is certainly not one of them. Two attributes can explain this susceptibility. One, their sensitive digestive systems, and two, their brachycephalic facial structure that gives them the flat-faced appearance.

Fortunately, you can prevent this condition by giving your pooch high-quality ingredients. This means keeping off from dog foods that have artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or added sugars. The reason for this is that flatulence often arises when your dog struggles to process those hard-to-digest foods. Therefore, you should steer clear of foods containing fillers or irritants such as soy and wheat.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve decided to adopt a French bulldog, then one thing you should be cautious about is what you feed him. The best dog food for French bulldog is one that boosts his muscle mass, keeps his weight in check and doesn’t trigger any allergic reactions.

Before buying any dog food for your Frenchie, examine the label and check its ingredients. Check the sources of protein and whether it’s enriched with fruits and vegetables, which provide additional nutrients. Once you find the perfect dog food, the next thing you should consider is the frequency of feeding him. Remember that French bulldogs are prone to overfeeding so you should be careful when measuring his food portion sizes.

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