Signs Your Dog Has Worms

Signs Your Dog Has Worms: Symptoms of Worm Infestation

Has your pup had some strange health issues lately that just can’t be explained? Unfortunately, there’s a very real chance that your dog may have worms. It’s actually the most common health issue in dogs. As dog owners, the thought that our pup may have worms is truly terrifying – after all, nobody wants to think of these tiny, disgusting, slimy creatures poking around our beloved pet’s insides. Unfortunately, they can make themselves known in different ways resulting in several possible signs and symptoms.

Why is My Dog Suddenly Aggressive To Our Other Dog

Why is My Dog Suddenly Aggressive To Our Other Dog? – Steps to Stop This Behavior

The worst has happened – your usually sweet, friendly dog has become aggressive to your other dog. It has suddenly snapped in aggression, growling and lunging, baring its teeth. How could this have possibly happened? What changed overnight for your dog to start acting this way?
It can be difficult to know what to do in this situation. You don’t want to make any rash decisions – this is a member of your family we’re talking.

Is it Safe to Take Your Puppy Out

When Can Puppies Go Outside: Is it Safe to Take Your Puppy Out?

What is everyone’s favorite topic? Puppies! Yes, if you have a new puppy, you’re probably curious as to how to take care of them. It may sound slightly odd that there is a certain age where puppies are able to go outside but, trust us, it’s very important that you take this into consideration. Even though you may be so excited to show everyone your new puppy, their health is more important!

Homemade Dog Food Crockpot Recipes (for Puppies and Adult Dogs)

Homemade Dog Food Crockpot Recipes (for Puppies and Adult Dogs)

When it comes to purchasing food for your furry best friend, so many of us are guilty of not putting enough research into the kibble or wet food that we’re buying. Dog food can get expensive, especially when you are buying it often, and/or you have multiple dogs.
Have you ever thought of making homemade dog food? Although it sounds like work, homemade dog food can not only be cheaper than the high-quality kibble you’re buying every other week, but much better for your pup!

How to Tell If a Dog is Sick - 10 Surprising Signs

How to Tell If a Dog is Sick – 10 Surprising Signs

When it comes to your pup, you probably know them like the back of your hand – what their sleep schedule is, if they’re grumpy in the morning, if they’re a picky eater, etc. But what if there’s a sudden change in their personality, or something seems a little “off” all of a sudden? Is this just a fluke, or is there something wrong with your dog? Most importantly, should you be taking them to the vet?

When to Switch to Adult Dog Food

When to Switch to Adult Dog Food

Just like a human child and human adult have a different metabolism and biology, so too do a puppy and an adult dog. As a general rule of thumb, dogs under one year old are considered puppies. Puppies require a specific blend of nutrients to make sure they grow and develop properly. They are also extremely energetic and require high-calorie and high-protein diets.
By the time your puppy reaches adulthood, they will need to switch their kind of food.

Homemade Dog Food Recipe Vet Recommended

Homemade Dog Food Recipe: Vet Recommended!

So, you finally got a dog! We here at My Sweet Puppy tip our hats to you for giving a loveable dog a forever home. As a new dog owner, the learning curve can be a bit tough to manage. Even when you’re experienced with dogs, introducing a new one to your home comes with its own unique set of challenges.
One of the most important things to figure out is what your dog will eat.

Can Dogs Eat Tuna List of 10 Healthy and Unhealthy Foods For Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Tuna? List of 10 Healthy and Unhealthy Foods For Dogs

Compared to many kinds of pets, dogs have an extremely varied diet and can eat many different kinds of foods. Dog are naturally omnivorous and can healthily consume a bunch of meats, fruits, and veggies. But there are a few foods that are particularly good for them and some that are bad.
As far as bad food goes, most people are aware of the usual suspects like grapes and chocolate.

Puppies and Kids: How to Keep Everybody Happy

Raising puppies and kids together can make for a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Puppies love kids and kids love puppies. Furthermore, adults love seeing kids and dogs playing happily together. And nearly everyone who grew up with a puppy and spent their childhood growing with a dog remembers the experience fondly.
But, in order for this to work for a family, it’s important for the adults in the home to know how to keep everyone involved happy.

When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes

When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes? Puppy Development from 1 to 8 Weeks

Newborn puppy’s eyes open between 10 and 14 days of age. This, like all of the other developments that occur in the first few weeks of life, is exciting for those who are watching the puppies grow and for the puppies themselves. What can you expect during the first one to eight weeks of puppy development ?
Puppies start their lives dependent on their mothers. They rely on their dog moms to feed them, keep them safe, and even help them expel waste from their body.