The “Top Dogs” Of Dog Training: Top 50 Dog Training Blogs


When it comes to all things dog, these blogs get the biggest treats! Congratulations to our winners for the Top 50 Dog Training blogs. We’ve searched the internet looking for valuable resources about keeping canine companions healthy, happy, and well-behaved. Whether you’re a first time dog owner or if you’ve got a bunch of four-legged friends at home, take a look at these top dog training blogs for some helpful hints.


Featured on 60 Minutes, Dateline, The Today Show, and National Geographic Wild, the Dognition blog looks esthetically appealing and has fantastic content that covers a wide range of topics. Their primary feature is the Dognition Assessment, a tool developed by world-class dog trainers and scientists that allow you to understand a little more about how your dog uniquely sees the world. This site also comes with a handy feature called Popular Posts, which includes gems such as “Exploring New Frontiers In Canine Behavioral Genetics Research” and “How To Keep Your Dog Stimulated On A Rainy Day.”


This website is a plethora of information about different dog breeds and offers you plenty of “simple and actionable” advice to help you become a better, more efficient dog owner. Top guides (available by clicking on the top right tab on their homepage) include crate training tips, dog barking tips, and housebreaking.

Dog Trick Tips

Ever wondered how you could get your dog to roll over? This website can help teach you how! With a simple headline of “Dog,” the site offers tons of information that can be helpful for any dog owner, including breed specific guides and dog training topics (from roll over, to come, to leash manners).


This popular dog toy brand does a lot more than make healthy, safe, and doggie-loved chew toys. It’s website is replete with breed specific info plus a huge list of diverse training topics under their “How To Train Your Dog” section. Do you have a thunder-averse dog? There’s a link for that. What about separation anxiety? Yup, there’s a link for that, too. Destructive chewing got you down? Well, of course, the folks at Nylabone will have some helpful tips in that department! From the basics of puppy training to specialized needs, consider this website a boon of helpful and practical information.


What we like about this website is its simple layout, clean appearance, and engaging post topics. It’s easy to navigate and while it may not be as “scientific” as some of the other websites we’ve reviewed, it does offer plenty of useful information, including a lot on which foods are safe for your canines. Ever asked yourself this question: “Should You Leave Your Dog’s Water Bowl Down All Day?” or “Why Do Dogs Freak Out When You Take Their Collar Off?” Find information and more on this cuteness overload animal website.

Your Purebred Puppy

Curated by Michele Welton, this website has a simple pledge to offer “honest advice about dogs.” Ms. Welton has over 35 years of professional experience working with dogs as a vet tech, canine psychologist, obedience instructor, and dog breed advisor. She offers straightforward reviews about different dog breeds that can help you decide which type of canine is right for your home. Expect to also find a lot of information about purebred dogs including the advantages and disadvantages of raising one. If you’re looking for specific tips and tricks on dog training, this may be just the right resource for you.

The Dogington Post

Touted as an online dog newspaper, this website offers a lot beyond just helpful dog training tips. If you’re looking for the more lighthearted side of dog ownership, try clicking on their “Entertainment” section, which includes anything from celebrity pets to dog astrology. For dog training, the website’s simple design layout makes it easy to find helpful posts that can offer guidance on various topics, like teaching your dog how to take treats gently and what you need to know about dog parks and doggie daycares.

The Crossover Trainer


Created and written by Ines Gaschot and Bev Maahs, this website chronicles a pair of dog trainers’ journey from dominance-based training into the more humane and effective style of positive reinforcement training. Their mission with their site is to help people and dogs succeed in bonding and training while promoting tolerance and understanding of our
canine companions. Check out their Archives under the Resources tab for helpful posts, including traveling with pets and luring vs. mark reward training.

I Heart Dogs


Do you believe every dog matters? If your answer was yes, then you’ll probably enjoy this website. Not only does I Heart Dogs offer interesting articles on a range of topics–from online dog training tips to coping with pet loss–this company has also pledged to help shelter dogs in a real and practical way. Every product purchased through their website funds a specific number of meal for shelter dogs around the country. That’s over 5 million meals in 2016–and counting. Check out their website and join the millions of others who have made a difference for the most vulnerable of our canine friends.

Dog Basics

It can be easy to be overwhelmed by the thought of owning and training your dog. This UK-based website offers in-person group training, which is excellent for canine socializing. Don’t live across the pond? The website offers a few links to helpful resources (including recommended reading “Follow Me” by Eva Bodfaldt) and advice for common dog issues, such as giving pills and dealing with fireworks.

DeBono Dog Training


Complete with a cute logo and an appealing design layout, this company’s dog training website has tons of great content to help you raise a healthy happy dog. Based in Austin, TX, DeBono Dog Training is led by Steve DeBono who, along with his team, obviously cares deeply about his work. Not only does he offer in-person training for people and their dogs in the Austin area, but he also provides plenty of free online resources including videos sharing his dog training techniques–and more. Click on the Learning Center tab for resources, articles, videos, and a link to his blog or newsletter.

Success Dogs


Built on the philosophy of positive reinforcement training, this website is founded by Jean Cote who promises to help you get the inside scoop on successfully training your dog without the need for physical correction, negative energy, or punishment. You can download her comprehensive guide for free or even enroll in online courses for more detailed information.

Dog Star Daily

With regular updates and a news feed type layout, this website gives you information in a variety of mediums, including blog posts, videos, and podcasts. Topics include “How To Use Food Intelligently In Lure-Reward Dog Training” and tips on dog bite prevention. This website is led by Dr. Ian Dunbar, a noted veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and expert dog trainer. He offers specific and practical advice that can be helpful for dogs of any age, from puppies to seniors.

Peaceable Paws


This website’s main focus is on dog and puppy training, as well as “fostering the harmony” between humans and dogs. In addition to offering links to workshops, seminars, and private consultations, Peaceable Paws’ creator Pat Miller has posted dozens of articles that can help you gain insight on a variety of dog behavior and obedience issues. This includes proper doorbell etiquette, how to prepare your dog for a new human baby, and why you should never punish your dog for growling. Looking for a certified dog trainer near you? This website can also help refer you to a reputable resource in your area.

Talent Hounds

This Canadian-based website was originally created after its founder, Susan Nation, filmed an award-winning documentary about the various roles that dogs play in our lives. Understanding that dog lovers and dogs like form a special type of community, the goal of this website is to help “bring out the best” in our canines while also sharing feel-good stories, cute photos, product reviews, and other services to foster a real community-feel. Be sure to check out some of the most popular recent posts, including “How To Stop Attention Seeking Habits In Puppies” and “How To Teach Your Dog To Bark On Command.”

It’s Dog Or Nothing


We love this website since it features some adorable photos of big breed favorite Great Pyrenees, although the site’s creator Kelsie McKenzie makes it clear that owners of any dog breed can benefit resources shared on this blog. She offers helpful reviews and giveaways on a variety of canine-friendly products, and even DIY projects including a tummy-soothing recipe for dogs struggling with vomiting or diarrhea. While you won’t find as much information specific to dog training, you’re sure to stumble across something that can be helpful for your canine at home. Extra bonus for how evident it is that Ms. McKenzie is a true dog/Great Pyrenees lover.

Love That Pet

This Australian-based company offers tons of tips and advice for dogs, cats, and other small pets, with an easy-to-negotiate site and quality visuals that accompany each post. Dog training articles include tips on how to curtail dog digging, how to prevent your dog from pulling on the lead, and advice for basic training. Be sure to check out their left-handed tool bar for more resources, including tips and products for grooming, health, and wellness.

Dog Training Excellence

Here’s another easy-to-read and pleasing-to-the-eye dog training website that offers meaningful and positive dog training advice based on canine behavioral science and research. The creators of this site put the onus on the human handlers to ensure that their dogs’ behavior and training is going well. As they say, “[If] the hound is not doing something right…it’s most likely the human’s fault.” Learn the ways by clicking on their Training Basics and Training Solutions tabs for more help.

Sam The Dog Trainer


Run by dog trainer Sam Basso of Phoenix, AZ, this website has somewhat small font but a simple design so the words don’t get lost on the page. He offers behavior modification and training services (cruelty-free) for dogs and their handlers in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. For those not in the area, you can still get a lot out of his Resources link, where he shares plenty of articles for the interested dog owner.

Canine Journal

Since 2007, this website has provided dog owners with practical advice on all things canine, ranging from pet insurance to product reviews to animal activism. We love the look of the website and how easy it is to simply scroll down their Training section for unique and helpful reviews and tips. You’ve got several options to choose from, like “How To Stop Your Dog From Whining” and “How To Stop Your Puppy From Crying In Its Crate.” The Canine Journal’s team is curated by a team of dog lovers and professionals with over 100 years of combined experience.

Canine Behavior Program of Brown University

If you’re a dog lover living near Providence, Rhode Island, you need to know about this amazing program at Brown Led by psychology professor and animal behavior specialist Dr. Ruth Colwill, the Canine Behavior Program connects volunteers with shelter animals to help these vulnerable dogs socialize and interact in healthy ways. In addition to online training resources including crate training and introducing your dog into the home, CBP of Brown University also offers free local seminars on canine aggression.

Dog Vills

This website has an appealing and uncluttered format and is dedicated solely to dogs. They offer plenty of fun DIY remedies and projects (doggie first aid kit? yes please!) as well as helpful resources on pet adoption, dog breeds, and hypoallergenic canines. Check out some of their most recent blog posts, including “5 Must-Know Dog Training Tips To Curb Barking” and the interesting and unique topic of “Seat Stealing: Is It A Sign Of Aggression?”.

e-Training For Dogs

When it comes to training their dogs, some people tend to do better with a more structured environment. But if going to a workshop or class is inconvenient, try this website for an at-home class experience through professor-run webinars and modules that educate and train people and their canines. Like many schools, this e-Training site does require that you pay for study courses, however, you can pick and choose the ones that work best or interest you the most. Select from topics including grooming, obedience training, exercise, behavior, and more. This website is also an excellent resource for people looking to become certified in dog training. Click on their FAQ page for more info.

The Dog Training Secret

Of all the dog training websites we’ve reviewed, this one definitely has the “most fun” look to it. But don’t let it’s light-hearted cartoonish look fool you–this website, run by a team of dog training professionals, is serious about offering their readers practical advice that will create healthy dogs and healthy dog/owner relationships. Their unique “secret” to training involves taking a Hands Off approach, but they cover a lot of ground in the blog and articles section of their little corner of the internet. Try “Utilize Your Dog’s Stay” and “Crate Training Games For Your Dog.”

Bright Spot Dog Training

Created by animal behaviorist Kathy Sdao, this simple, dark-colored website promises to offer “positively unique solutions” for your every day dog training needs. With articles including “The First Steps To Teaching A Reliable Recall” and “Leash Aggression,” you can expect to find some helpful hints taken from a caring, loving, and emphatic viewpoint. This site also offers free pre-recorded webinars as well as in-person and/or remote consulting (via phone or Skype). While not every section of the website appears to be up and running quite yet, the sections that are, certainly seem helpful.


As they say on their homepage, Petcha is all about helping you be the best pet owner you can be. With connections to dozens of breeders, shelters, and rescue organizations, you’ll be able to find the perfect dog that fits your home and lifestyle. Click on their easy-to-use Behavior & Training tab under their Dogs category for helpful content including “Stop Your Dog From Pulling On The Leash” and “Train Your Dog To Have Better Manners By Teaching Him Default Behaviors.” We like the simple layout and the prominent Popular Posts section, too.

Pet Expertise

The first thing you’ll notice about this website is just how much content is available. The website design is simple, but the links and headers make it easy to navigate. They offer a huge range of dog supplies and an extensive list of links and articles to help you “solve dog problems.” From house training to leash-walking to their “Think Like A Dog Trainer Series,” you’ll be sure to find something interesting that can help you. Readers are even encouraged to download a free positive dog training eBook for their further education.


Founded by Jen deHaan, this website was recognized by at the Blog Paws Conference of 2015 as one of the best design finalists, and its simple layout and quick negotiation tools definitely make it user friendly. Quickly access helpful information including dog training products and training tips organized by topic (including fearful dogs, active dogs, and dog sports). For an interesting example, try reading Jen’s response from this Q&A: “How Do I Teach A Dog To Play With Toys?”

Some Thoughts About Dogs


This site offers readers lengthier and more in-depth discussions about dog-related topics using a very simple minimalist format. Click on the extensive Archives link on the homepage for dog-related content dating back to December 2010. Written by South Australian dog enthusiast Tegan Whalan, many of these posts offer interesting insights into latest news from the canine science world, on topics ranging from gluten sensitivity to joint disorders and neutering. You’ll find fewer specifics on dog training techniques, but the website has plenty of helpful links to further your education.

Doggie Buddy

This website functions as a blog and features helpful links to interesting sources including “52 Tricks To Teach Your Dog” and “12 Tips For New Puppy Owners.” While it hasn’t been updated in over a year, there’s a variety of categories and topics to peruse that many dog owners may find useful. For interesting reading on topics you may not always think about, try “Can My Dog Give Me A Tax Break?” or “Dog Begging: When Your Dog Begs At The Table.”

Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

Touted as “Houston’s most trusted dog trainer” with well over 30 years experience, Jim Burwell brings the best of his expertise to you in your very own home with his website. His basic tenets include responding to and encouraging the right behaviors in your dog instead of the wrong ones, and understanding more about how your dog thinks as a way improve its obedience and your relationship. Click on the tab “Dog Behavior Help” on the homepage for access to some great info.

How to Teach A Dog

We love this website for its super simple layout and cute pictures that accompany every blog post. We also like that it’s not loaded with advertisements. Scroll at your leisure through dozens of posts on helpful dog training tips including which treats are best for training and how clicker training may be right for you.

Schnauzers Rule

All dogs are awesome, but if you’re a Schnauzer fan then you’ll probably prefer this website since it features this breed. The website features a retro like design with lenghty and thorough written articles. We really like the information about positive dog training and their simple step-by-step Dog Obedience Training Series that covers all the major tasks, including sit, stay, come, down, and heel. Plus, all Schnauzer lovers are sure to enjoy all the adorable pictures.

Puppy In Training

What’s great about this blog-style website is that it’s dedicated almost exclusively to raising an obedient, happy, and healthy puppy. Bringing a new pup into the home can be overwhelming, and sometimes it may seem as if you don’t know where to begin. Browsing this site (especially before the new canine family member arrives!) reveals several puppy-specific training tips, including “How To Handle A Puppy’s First Night Home”, “Stop Your Puppy From Peeing In The House”, and “Train Your Dog Like A Guard Dog.” Developed in 2007 by service-dog trainer Colby Morita, the site also sends free training tips delivered right to your inbox for easy on-the-go access.

Fido Savvy

Founded by a mom and dog lover named Sue (who, incidentally, shares a sweet and honest story about how and why she started, this website offers tons of advice and training tips for both dogs and puppies. We like how she separates the two since we know how younger and older dogs can have such different needs. Try pages “Puppy Care 101” or “Dog Care 101” to get started.

Dog Training Basics

Their title says it all: this website promises to deliver basic tips and techniques on training that covers a wide variety of topics. With an easy-to-navigate drop down menu on the home page, click through any of the interesting pages from the Training Tips & Tricks tab. Topics range from general philosophy and theory behind dog training (e.g., “timing is everything” and “consistency is key”) to advice for specific issues including “Keeping Paws On The Floor Where They Belong” and “The Poop Eating Problem.”

Patricia McConnell, PhD

Patricia “Trisha” McConnell is a certified applied animal behaviorist who has been helping dog owners with their pets since 1988 achieve meaningful and lasting improvements in companionship, behavior, and canine well-being. She has presented at dog training seminars all around the world, and offers tons of helpful advice through her own website (check out the Learning Center tab for more).

Raising Spot

We like the simple and straight forward layout of this site, whose byline (“Your Insider’s Guide To Four-Legged Friends”) seems to be an accurate description of what this little corner of the internet is meant to be. Articles, covering dog training topics that range from “How To Stop A Dog From Digging” to “Understanding Submissive Urination,” are written in a vision-friendly typeface with word spacing and bolding that is easy on the eyes…leaving you with more energy to keep an eye on your rambunctious pup!

Dog Lab of Yale University

Dog Lab is the website of the Canine Cognition Center at Yale University, one of the newest research facilities within the Ivy League school’s psychology department. The site shares a lot of interesting links for curious pet owners to the latest news and research within the canine science world, from resources including Developmental Science, TIME, and Psychology Today. If you’re a dog owner living locally to New Haven, CT, your pup may even be eligible to participate as a volunteer in their various studies of canine cognition and behavior.

Creative Canine

This website is the landing page for canine behavior consultant Emma Parsons based in Newton, MA. With over 20 years of experience, Emma offers seminars and workshops in addition to plenty of online resources, including articles covering topics such as “Teaching A Reactive Dog” and “Healing The Dog That Bites.” Her philosophy is centered on fostering effective communication, attention, and eye contact between handlers and their dogs. Her workshop/seminar schedule has yet to be released for 2017, so be sure to check back for updates if interested.

Dog Training Me

The play on words in the title of this blog tickles our fancy and also points to an important point about dog training–that is, humans require just as much training and teaching as their canine companions do! Dog Training Me is another website with a simple, easy-to-negotiate layout that highlights 5 hot topic areas: basic dog training, control of dominant dogs, dog aggression, dog barking, and dogs pulling on their leashes. There’s a lot more to it than that though: other features include articles about dog humping and making your apartment pet-friendly, as well as a free dog obedience video course.

Best Pets Dog Training

This website features a traditional layout with a cute header that may even engage your kids (who, if old enough, should also be helping with training and rearing your dog!). The site pulls you in with intriguing questions: “What if it was possible to get your dog to listen to you, even in the face of distractions?” To help you find an answer, their staff offers individualized consultations and training programs for you and your dog, complete with 100% money back guarantee. Anyone in the Athens, Ohio area is also welcome to attend a group class. For some of their free information, check out articles including “Is Your Dog Stressed?” and “Beating Your Pup’s Cabin Fever.”


If you live in the UK, this website is an excellent resource for anyone looking to bring a new canine companion into their home. In addition to helping people find adoptable dogs, Pets4Homes also offers helpful training advice about dog health, behavior, and overall care. Check out articles such as “How To Get Your Dog Ready For A Training Class Or Session” and “Dog Training Help: Top 10 Tips.”

Chasing Dog Tales

This website has a sweet family fun style to it and has a surprising amount of content for such a simple layout. Under the Tips & Training section, peruse easy-to-read articles that aren’t too long and offer practical tips on topics ranging from “How to Train Your Door-Dashing Dog” to “Dogs And Fireworks: 14 Strategies To Keep Your Dog Calm.” They even offer practical life advice to keep you from going totally dog-crazy, including “10 Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean With A Dog.” We love that!

Tufts Animal Behavior Clinic

There’s a reason why teaching universities produce such good services for the community–people who share their knowledge with others truly care about their mission and specialty. At Tufts Animal Behavior Clinic in Boston, their team of veterinary professionals helps dogs of all ages breakthrough common animal behavior problems. Their landing page also offers easy navigation for information about animal behavior and how to address it, including ways to help dogs with separation anxiety and noise phobia.

The Labrador Site

This website is dedicated purely to the Labrador breed, known as a loving and loyal companion. What we like about this site are its free step-by-step guides and links to helpful books and products, including “Lab tested” toys that your pooch will love. Even if you don’t have a Labrador, it’s still worth a read through, since a lot of the information is applicable to dogs of any breed. Check out, “Benadryl for Dogs,” “Teach A Dog To Take A Treat Gently In Six Steps,” and “Christmas With Your Labrador” for some recent posts.

Indoor Pet Initiative Of The Ohio State University


From the department of the College of Veterinary Medicine at OSU comes this website offering helpful information to pet owners to improve the welfare and companionship for dogs. Their modest website offers information about caring for dogs in your home, including basic training skills, behavior issues, and environmental enrichment to help meet the animal’s “physical and psychological needs.”

Training Your Dog And You

Like some other websites, this online platform recognizes that successfully training a dog depends as much on human participation as canine participation! The website is created by Mario Ancic, a former military and police dog trainer with over two decades of experience. Look to the left-hand side of the page for his Behavior and Training tab for more information and helpful insights (including an explanation about how we consciously and unconsciously train our dogs).

Cesar’s Way

Perhaps one of the most well-known and well-loved dog trainers around, Cesar Milan and his team run a fantastic website that is chock full of tips, tools, resources, and other information about raising a well-behaved and well-adjusted dog. Find help for specific dog problems (from misbehaving at the dog park to licking too much) and read through his interesting section called Cesar’s Essentials for some incredible insights.

Suzanne Clothier

Since 1977, Suzanne Clothier has provided “Relationship Centered Training” to dog owners and dogs from around the world. She offers a humorous, helpful, and holistic approach to developing healthy and meaningful bonds between humans and their canines. Her “alternative” stance allows her and her team to cover topics including “Calming The Fearful Dog” and “10 Tips For Problem Behavior.” For a unique take on canine training and wellness, read through her website. Interested folks are even welcome to join her at one of her upcoming 2017 seminars for some in-person coaching.

We hope you like our list of the top 50 dog training blogs available! Have you found any other sites that help you raise your dog? Share in the comments below!

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    • Thanks for connecting to Please keep in mind that I, Claudia Bensimoun, do not write any of the blogs or reviews on this website, nor have I in the past. I only answer the comments section.The “Top 50 Dog Training Blogs” reinforces positive dog training methods through the best dog blogs. Positive dog training encourages your pooch to learn, so dog training always needs to end on a good note. Look for a professional dog trainer that has plenty of referrals. Group dog training is also an awesome way to socialize and train at the same time. By only using positive dog training methods, you’ll be giving your dog plenty of encouragement to keep on learning. He or she will also be more open or enthusiastic to learning. Don’t forget those awesome dog treats for rewarding!

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    • Thanks for connecting to Please keep in mind that I, Claudia Bensimoun, do not write any of the blogs or reviews on this website, nor have I in the past. I only answer the comments section.Positive dog training is the only way to go! Shop for healthy low-fat dog treats to reward your furry best friend. Group positive dog training is not only fun for your pooch, but for adults as well. With group classes, both pooch and pet parent get to learn new skills. If looking for a positive dog trainer, look for a professional with plenty of good reviews or recommendations. Puppy Kindergarten positive dog training classes are most important because they will affect your pup for his entire life. These experiences need to be positive and engaging, to ensure that your pooch will be enthusiastic for future training throughout his life.

  5. Our dog, a wonderful golden retriever was great at whistle training until our neighbors decided to train their dog the same way, that dog comes over and kills our chickens and guinea fowl along with chasing and drawing blood from their legs, now when our dog hears a whistle he goes on high alert.

    • Thanks for connecting to Please keep in mind that I, Claudia Bensimoun, do not write any of the blogs or reviews on this website, nor have I in the past. I only answer the comments section.It’s always best to work out issues with neighbors peacefully, most especially when it comes to livestock and poultry. Maybe you can both come to an arrangment. All forms of positive training work great.Hope you work things out!

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    Socialization and positive dog training starting during puppyhood is an important factor in preventing aggressivity in dogs. Socialization should begin during the first four weeks of puppyhood, and teaches pups to trust people, other dogs and animals, and to become accustomed to new noises and environments. Dogs are very social animals. Between 3-8 weeks, pups will tend to focus on other dogs for social interaction. Between 5-12 weeks of age, puppies will then shift their focus on people. Puppies are very receptive to learning about new environments and situations up until 20 weeks. They also will continue learning throughout their lifetime. Pups should never be isolated from people and other dogs during puppyhood. Those that have been isolated,will later demonstrate fear aggression and underdeveloped social skills.Positive puppy training classes combined with plenty of socialization allow for all dog breeds to have a more fulfilling life. It tends to prevent behavioral problems. That said,punishment is not the answer to aggression. Dog parents with aggressive dogs should seek a behavior modification program for their dogs. As usual, it’s always best to consult with your veterinarian to rule out any medical problems that may trigger off aggressivity.

  8. Thanks for connecting to Please keep in mind that I, Claudia Bensimoun, do not write any of the blogs or reviews on this website, nor have I in the past. I only answer the comments section.The “Top Dogs” Of Dog Training: Top 50 Dog Training Blogs has been one of our best read blogs.

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    Our “Top 50 Dog Training Blogs” offers the very best positive dog training blogs. Today it is a well-known fact that dogs who receive positive dog training from puppyhood are happier, and demonstrate an enthusiasm to learn. Corrective-based training is no longer used today. Group training allows for your pooch to socialize,and is a wonderful way for both dog parent and pooch to learn.

  10. At, “Top Dogs of Dog Training: Top 50 Dog Training Blogs,” also includes Dognition, Animalso, Talent Hounds and Dog Lab. To learn more about the very best dog training tips from the experts, visit for the latest and most current dog training tips.

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