10 Most Unique Dog Crates

Unique dog cratesWhile picking a crate for your pup, you are of course very careful to ensure that the crate chosen is perfect for your do
in its design, material, and size.

This article is intended to make your buying experience easier as it lists the 10 most unique dog crates for your dog. The choice is dependent on the specific specs you have in mind.

Types of Dog Crates

There are a few kinds of dog crates:

a) Soft-sided crates

These crates have sides that are made of smooth materials. The sides can be made of a soft mesh or a cotton cloth draped on the side.

b) Plastic crates

These are dog crates that are made from plastic. These crates are sturdier than soft-sided ones hence recommended for slightly heavier dogs. They are, however, less attractive.

c) Metal or wire dog crates

These crates are more of a kennel or cage, more about them here: /heavy-duty-dog-crates/ They are made entirely of metal and are well-ventilated, and transparent to make visibility of your dog as it plays in the crate easier.

d) Wooden crates

These crates are easier to customize into any decorative furniture in your house. Wooden crates can be made into coffee tables, nightstands and even as a shelf. This ensures cost-effectiveness.

e) Collapsible crates

These crates are mostly used while traveling, as they can be used as a dog carrier. They are mostly made of soft mesh and loose cloth.

The following is a list of the 10 most unique dog crates in the market today:

1. Cruising Companion Polka Dot Collapsible

Making this crate involves the use of hinges aid that aid in its collapsibility, and a PVC frame for the stability of the crate. For safety and protection, this crate has a built-in leash as well. You can also include a Thinsulate Thermal Heat Retention Technology which ensures that your dog’s environment in the crate is regulated.

Such a crate is recommended for use when carrying your dog through short distances, and can also be used within the house. The straps make it easy for this very function, and the polka dots make it quite attractive.

2. Proselect Easy Dog Crates for Pets

This is a metallic crate and if you have a much bigger and stronger dogs, it would be your perfect pick. The sides can be made of a mesh of metal and the floor can be made hollow. You can improvise on the floor with warm blankets or a wood panel to make your dog more comfortable.

The use of a locking gate for the safety of your dog is recommended, and this gate should have a safety latch to ensure it stays. The color is dependent on what you prefer, but black is the most common. The crate is up to 6 feet high, and it weighs 124 pounds. The transparent sides enable you to monitor your dog within the kennel.

3. Chew Proof Wooden Dog Crate Oak Amish Made

This is a designer crate that is customized and can double up as an end table. You can use of rich, brown wood to make it and you can also customize it in several styles, depending on your preference. Metal grills can be included at the top side of the crate, as they will be used for ventilation when the dog is in the crate.

The advantages of making such a crate include the fact that it can double up as a piece of furniture, and you can make it in whatever size you prefer, so it’s fit for an enormous dog as well.

4. Desktop for Handmade Solid Mahogany Wood Dog Crates

This is yet another wooden crate that can double up as a piece of furniture within your house. With this crate, your dog can hang out with your family while not getting into your family’s personal space.

You can use solid wood as the material to make it, as it ensures that the crate is strong and durable. This is a crate that can be used whether your house has a modern or traditional décor. The height is dependent on your dog size, and you can customize it to fit your dog.

5. Bing Dog Crate

This is the perfect crate for a family with a relatively smaller home. You can use this wooden crate as a piece of furniture within your house, and it comes in a small size that ensures not much space is taken up.

The advantages of making such a crate are that, first, it doesn’t require any tools to assemble it. Moreover, it is easy to clean as all you require is a damp cloth. The height is can be customized according to the size of your dog.

6. A Wooden Playpen Crate

You can make a crate into a playpen which is spacious to enable your pup or excitable dog easily move around within the crate. A door can be included, and you can use it to contain the pup, and it can be made of fine and durable wood.

7. Midwest Homes for Pets Life Stages

You can make a metallic crate out of transparent mesh that is perfectly fitted for strength. It should have a side bolt latch which will aid in your dog’s security, and you can use sturdy metal for the stability and durability of the crate.

With your preference, this crate might come with a camouflage cover that ensures your dog sleeps in a warm and fuzzy environment.

8. Majestic Double Door Folding Crate

This is a crate type that is a great choice when crate training your dog. You can make it in such a way that it has a double door which ensures that your pup stays safe. Stainless steel is a preferred metal to ensure durability.

The height of the crate is dependent on the size of your dog, and you can also make it into a fold-and-carry crate.

9. Wooden Pet Kennel with Crate Cover

You can make a wooden crate that can be used as an end table. Such a crate can be customized into an eye-catching color that stands out in a room. The top should be flat to aid in its use as an end table.

10. A 2-in-1 Crate that is used as a TV Stand

You can also make a 2-in-1 crate that can be used as an end table. Using this crate, the personal space for your dog is specified away from the rest of the house, and including a gate gives you a chance to control your dog’s movement. Ensure that the color and make of the crate is such that it can be used anywhere in the house.

Making a canine crate is easy if you know what you want for your dog. Have fun with the ideas above to get your dog the perfect crate.

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